Kristiansund saves a point with a penalty in extra time

(Kristiansund – Troms 1-1) Troms looked like they wanted to take three important points from Kristiansund, but in extra time the jumbo table received a penalty and made it 1-1. After the match, the situation heated up for the coach of Troms, Gaute Helstrup.

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The away team coach was given a red card after the match was over by referee Kai Erik Steen. For a long time it looked like Helstrup’s side would take all three points from Nordmøre, but in extra time Kristiansund received a penalty.

– I should be allowed to think that the jury had a very weak match, but what was done was done. We’re especially dissatisfied with ourselves, Helstrup told Discovery+.

Bendik Bye was very cool from the penalty spot and thus secured the KBK points four minutes into extra time. Immediately after the match was called off, Helstrup stormed onto the field. The fact that he was out too soon was the reason for the red card, according to coach Troms.

Kristiansund are still last in the table with six points after 16 league rounds. For Troms’ part, they put pressure on Haugesund in the qualifying spot. They also have one game to their credit over their competitors.

Kristiansund showed early on why they struggle at the bottom. Just 15 seconds into the game, Troms striker Ebiye Moses had a chance to make it 1-0. Troms goalkeeper Jakob Haugaard hit the ball away and suddenly Moses found himself alone with the goalkeeper. However, it eventually surpassed.

The same man got another chance alone with the goalkeeper ten minutes later, but then he put the ball into the post.

However, the Troms got their score, and that was after a beautiful game. The visitors went into the KBK penalty box, led by August Mikkelsen. The little technician was able to find space and smash the ball into the net through the root of the post. The big score means that TIL can go into the break with a 1-0 lead.

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Even though Kristiansund dominated most of the court play, they struggled for big chances. However, towards the end of the match, the situation loosened up a bit.

Bendik Bye got, among other things, two solid chances. One finish was prevented by a powerful Jakob Haugaard save, while the other missed the mark.

Sean McDermott also made a great save when he saved Jostein Gundersen’s header with five minutes of normal time remaining.

That save will be crucial, as in extra time KBK were awarded a penalty when Anders Jenssen fouled substitute Faris Pemi in a very clumsy manner.

– This is especially a bad decision on my part. “I gave the referee a chance to hit,” Jenssen told Discovery+.

Bendik Bye had a chance from the penalty spot and sent Haugaard in the wrong direction. KBK was thus able to maintain a point in the fight against relegation.

– It’s great to get a very, very decent equalizer. “That’s the bare minimum we have to bring today,” Kristiansund coach Christian Michelsen said after the game.

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