Listen to isolated voice channels in “Please Please Me”

March 22, 1963 the Beatles He released his first studio album titled Please Help Me. Prior to his recording debut, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr they have shown their skills and talents with two singles that put them on everyone’s lips: “Love Me Do”, the debut single from the Fab Four, and “Please Please Me”, the song that gave the LP its name.

After its release in January 1963 in the UK and in February of the same year in the United States, the song reached number 1 on the New Musical Express (better known today as NME) and Melody Maker charts. However, the song only reached number 2 on Record Retailer, which later became the UK singles chart, therefore the song did not end up on The Beatles’ number one compilation, One.

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“Please Please Me” not only made The Beatles rise to the top of the most popular charts and be noticed by all music lovers in the UK, but, composed and recorded under a period of pressure to achieve the desired success, song, according to comments from Far Out Magazine, “serves as a statement of intent.”

“The singles will be written by the band members, and they will play their own instruments. The session also strengthened the relationship between the band and producer George Martin, who found that musicians were open to his suggestions. Given the track’s importance in the history of The Beatles, this time we want to invite you to listen to the audio channel isolated from the sound “Please Please Me”.

You can play it below:

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