Living and studying in the UK: how to apply for the Chevening Scholarship, application dates, what it covers

Study abroad experience is something every professional should do at least once in their life, not only because of the possibility of expanding their knowledge, but also because of the fact of learning how to handle themselves as students in an environment that they do not fully know. And with this in mind, the opening Chevening Scholarship seems to be the ideal opportunity.

Program developed by British government offer to students from around the world the opportunity to apply to full scholarship teachers at some of the best universities in the UKwith registration available starting today –August 3rd– and until November 2 from this year.

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According to what they say on the program’s official website, it is ideal for “get to know the vast culture that the UK has to offer“Y”build a network of contacts with the best professionals in the world“. In turn, this ensures that joining the scholarship program allows you to become a part of “community more than 50,000 students from all over the world“.

Chevening Program Director, Duncan Barkermake sure: “The Chevening experience is more than just a postgraduate degree. As well as offering Scholars a challenging and academically rewarding university experience, we immerse them in British culture and connect them with great people from around the world.“.

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Those wishing to apply for this program should note that there are several documents and processes to go through before getting a scholarship, especially because only 1,500 shipped worldwide. With this in mind, the main thing to note is that all applications must be in English, so it is advisable to have a good level before applying.

On the other hand, the selection process consists of three parts. The first is the submission of a written application with different questions which serves as a “pre-selection” when applying for a scholarship.. It can be done online and is available on the official Chevening program website.

The second part includes study presentations, references and face-to-face interviews at the British Embassy. -if still selected-. At this point in the process, it is very important to submit timely references, which serve as a guide to determine whether the candidate is eligible to receive the scholarship.

Finally, after the interview – and if you finally decide to award the scholarship to the shortlisted – comes the most exciting part of the process: choice of university to study. It is important to be able to participate in the scholarship, because participants must choose their home of study and obtain approval from the institution to carry out the program there.

With all this in mind, the official Chevening Scholarship schedule shows that application presentation closes next November 2ndwhile applicants will start their studies only at september 2022.

No typical internship profile’“, assured the Charge d’Affaires of the British Embassy in Argentina, green elizabethwho also added: “We do not care about the age, race, gender, religion or cultural background of those who apply. We look for them to have energy, curiosity, compassionate empathy for others, clear goals for their future and the ability to achieve their goals.“.

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