London looks forward to a ‘snowy’ weekend

That England Met Office (The Met Office, for its English acronym) has predicted that the south of England and more specifically London, could see snow over the weekend. “There’s a chance we can see snow over london, although the possibility is small,” he said. Helen Caughey, a spokesman for the Met.

‘A cold air mass will meet a softer air mass in England. The specifics of the forecast for Christmas Day are still a bit uncertain,” explained Caughey, deputy head of the Met Office. “This cold air will turn to snow higher up in northern Scotland.”

Will we see snow on Christmas Day?

On Christmas Day it will rain in Wales and in central and southern England. Further north, where the boundary is between the lightest and coldest air, there is likely to be some snowfall, especially at higher elevations. Further north, with cooler air, the skies will be brighter with more sunshine and lower daytime temperatures.

Deputy Head of Meteorology, Chris Bulmer, said: ‘The Christmas season will be quite volatile across the UK this year. Many will see wet and cloudy conditions as cool air predominates in the south and west of England. Where temperate air meets chilly air trying to sink south, there’s a chance of a Christmas snowfall. In the far north, cooler conditions and clearer skies will make for a cooler feel. In many areas the east wind will bring a real sensation of heat.

Weather forecast for New Year seems to remain unstable, with mild southwesterly air bringing wet and sometimes windy conditions.

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