“Looking forward to the Health Platform” – smp.no/meninger – Lesusd debate, Sunnmøre and Northwest Norway.

What is needed is a political decision in the city council in each municipality. As representatives of users, patients and residents, we have a strong desire to deliver a Health Platform so that all residents in our region will benefit from this solution.

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In all the work with the development of the Health Platform, we who participate as user representatives have praised the scheme. This will provide better health care and better information to patients and relatives. With all the information collected in one place, the quality and safety will be better for the residents.


Healthcare professionals across the region – from municipalities, general practitioners, and specialist health services – have participated in work with the Health Platform. In the same way, representatives from patients and user organizations have participated through separate user panels. The panel was broadly composed of young and old, and with representatives from, among others, the Norwegian Cancer Society, the Joint Organization of Persons with Disabilities (FFO), the Cooperation Forum of Organizations with Disabilities (SAFO), the Association of Retirees and organizations on substance abuse and mental health.

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“Elderly council is very worried”

The Lesung Elderly Council is deeply concerned about the operating, service and welfare prospects outlined in the city director’s budget proposal for 2022.


We keep abreast of work developments and take part in discussions, but also participate in the work itself as user experts to ensure patient needs into the actual construction of the new system. Not everyone realizes that the emergency room can’t see what’s happening to you at the GP or in the hospital. It can be scary to experience that information is not available. For those who are siblings, or who receive a lot of health services, there needs to be a more comprehensive service.


Health workers do a good job with the tools available, but they are outdated and impractical. As a patient, you must repeat your story every time you meet a new person in the service. With the right information at the right time, collected on the same platform, patient safety improves. Health platforms are built around good patient processes. There is one medical record that follows the patient, not as many different systems as today. If we want to get the comprehensive services we want from users, general practitioners – who are often the “center” of patients – must work together with municipal health services and with specialists in hospitals.


“What is important to you in dealing with health care?”

Has anyone asked you what is important to you? Or is this a question you usually ask other people? Questions and conversations around this topic are considered so important that they have their own day. “What is important to you? Day”.


Partial introductions in which not all cities participate do not satisfy residents. The best results are when both GP and municipal health and care are part of the same community as the hospital. In Central Norway, we were able to be the first to experience this when the Health Platform was used. We are baffled by claims that the solution should not be good enough for the municipalities of central Norway. Through user organizations, we are able to follow the Health Platform development process. This is solid and impressive work. Skilled employees in health, care and technology have translated and adapted the American Epic system to Norwegian conditions.


Many have been developed primarily for Norwegian municipal health services and Norwegian general practitioners. This is in addition to a system already in use in leading hospitals and clinics in both the US and the UK, the Netherlands and Finland. A debate over funding is to be expected when such major changes will be introduced, but the current debate should not overshadow the major improvements that the Health Platform will provide to our shared healthcare. This is more than just changing IT systems. This will be a huge boost to health services, which will benefit all citizens.

Joint Organization of Persons with Disabilities (FFO), Association of Retirees, A-Larm and Cooperation Forum of Disabled Organizations (SAFO)

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