– Lose at least three kilos

Max Verstappen (24) managed to keep Charles Leclerc (24) and Ferrari behind him ahead of the celebrities in Miami’s first Formula 1 race. Both of them were completely exhausted after trying in the hot weather.

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– I lost at least three kilos from the heat, said Verstappen in an interview featured on Viaplay.

The Dutch Red Bull driver took eight points from Leclerc’s lead in the World Cup summary. Thus, the lead is now 19 points.

– Verstappen who has momentum now. Ferrari will have to upgrade if it wants to match Red Bull, says expert Thomas Schie on Viaplay.

Verstappen thus won ahead of Ferrari’s Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, while Red Bulls’ Sergio Perez finished fourth.

After just nine laps, Verstappen drove past Leclerc, who had the best starting track and best exit.

The Dutch coach never looked back after that.

There was a great atmosphere when the Formula 1 circus came to Miami for the first time on Sunday. Here Max Verstappen leads the field.

– You really did a great job, team manager Christian Horner told Verstappen on the radio.

– We can be proud of how we came back, replied the Dutchman.

– Red Bull didn’t have any upgrades to the car this weekend, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem, commentator Atle Gulbrandsen said on Viaplay broadcast.

When Verstappen and Leclerc spoke together after the race, it was agreed that Red Bull was the best on the medium – but smoother on the hard.

Security car

There was renewed tension as Lando Norris and Pierre Gasly crashed after more than 40 laps – and the safety car had to come out and collect the pitch. Leclerc was suddenly right behind Verstappen, but the Ferrari driver was never given a chance to get past the reigning Red Bull world champions.

– Red Bull was faster today, Leclerc admitted in an arena interview.

Prior to this race, Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen had won two races each in 2022 – but the Ferrari driver was still ahead as Verstappen had two “zeros” from the other two races, Bahrain and Australia.

Celebrities are almost lined up in Miami this weekend. Here are some of them:

Mercedes huh? They had made various updates to the car before Sunday’s race. George Russell number five and Lewis Hamilton number six. In other words, all the drivers from Red Bull and Ferrari were in front of them.

Russell got the safety car after he wasn’t inside for a tire change before it happened. For Hamilton, it was once again a rod out.

In the end, German drivers Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher also crashed – but without a safety car having to enter the track.

This is the fifth race of the season. The next World Cup round will take place in Spain in two weeks – and already the weekend after that is the Monaco Grand Prix.


1. Verstappen (Red Bull), 2. Leclerc (Ferrari), 3. Sainz (Ferrari), 4. Perez (Red Bull), 5. Russell (Mercedes), 6. Hamilton (Mercedes), 7. Bottas (Alfa Romeo) ), 8. Ocon (Alpine), 9. Alonso (Alpine), 10. Albon (Williams), 11. Ricciardo (McLaren), 12. Stroll (Aston Martin), 13. Tsunoda (Alpha Tauri), 14. Latifi ( Williams), 15. Schumacher (Haas).

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