Lotus Eletre, electric SUV from the series

Another example that SUVs are the most popular type of vehicle in the world, is Lotus, which has a tradition of manufacturing and selling coupes and convertibles, entering this segment and, incidentally, doing so with electric models. : Eleter.

As a good Lotus, this SUV is internally named Type 132, stands out for its high performance by capturing Emira’s heart and soul, and the aerodynamic performance of the Evija.

Aesthetically, the body stands out with stylish features, a long wheelbase and very short front and rear overhangs.

In general, there is a visual light, which creates the impression of a high-rise sports car rather than an SUV.


  • Longitude – 5,103 mm
  • Anchor – 2,231 mm
  • Height – 1,630 mm
  • Wheelbase – 3.019mm

Inside, the Lotus Eletre brings an unprecedented level of design and finish. Highlights include four individual seats, a sliding glass roof, upholstery in a sophisticated wool blend, carbon fiber matte and technological craftsmanship.

And that is, the information and entertainment system of The Lotus Eletre sets a new standard in the automotive world, with the use of intelligent technology.

Beneath the instrument panel, a light strip runs across the cab, in ribbed ducts that expand at each end to create air vents.

These floating lights change color to communicate with passengers, for example, if there is a phone call, if the cabin temperature changes, or to reflect the vehicle’s battery charge status.

Another standout element is the digital instrument panel projected on a screen height is less than 30 mm. This same screen is replicated on the passenger side, where different information can be displayed, for example music selection or nearby points of interest.

In addition to projecting information through the dashboard, the driver can view it via augmented reality technology.

In the center of the dashboard is a 15.1-inch OLED touchscreen for the infotainment system, and it folds automatically when not needed, which is standard equipment on the car.

While every element of the Eletre can be controlled digitally, certain button controls are duplicated with analog switches.

  • KEF Premium Audio System: 15 speakers, 1,380 watts and surround sound technology (23 speakers optional 2160 watts and 3D surround sound technology).
  • Smart Adaptive Cruise Control, Traffic Sign Information, Rear Traffic Warning, Front Traffic Warning, Lane Change Assistance, Emergency Brake, among others.
  • 5G connectivity for continuous connection to the car via smartphone app, OTA software updates, and the ability to purchase activated new features.

The Lotus Eletre is based on a completely new platform dedicated exclusively to electric vehicles. It uses a high-strength aluminum and steel chassis for optimal structural rigidity.

Meanwhile, “skateboard-style” flat batteries and electric motors they are low to the ground to create a low center of gravity and deliver Lotus’ core commitment to outstanding dynamic performance.

It is equipped with two electric motors, one to drive the front wheels and another to drive the rear wheels, making it a 4WD vehicle.

  • It has a battery capacity greater than 100kWh.
  • Its power exceeds 600 hp.
  • The 350kW charger provides a 400km range in just 20 minutes.
  • The driving distance is about 600 km.
  • Includes air suspension and continuous damping control.
  • Active ride height, active rear axle steering, active stabilizer bar and torque vectoring via braking are available.
  • It comes with four ride modes, which adjust steering, damper settings, drivetrain and throttle pedal response: Range, Tour, Sport, Off-Road and Individual.

The Lotus Eletre is now on sale in global markets, with first customer shipments in 2023 set to begin in China, the UK and Europe.

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