Macro agriculture on the rise in Europe despite environmental complaints

By Irene Savio

In Italy battle around macrogranja back a few years. This is an inflammatory problem, especially facing producer and to animal and environmental association, but recently residents and local government have also joined in. This is the case San Casciano, a small commune near Mantua (Lombardy), which in November won an appeal filed with the State Council to ban macro agriculture from increasing the space allocated for this activity. A judicial success which, however, came too late, as authorization had been granted.

This is a reflection that shows that, right now, in Italy, the producers seem to be winning, most of whom have installed their macro farms. chicken, pig you cow in four regions of Italy, all located in the north of the country. These are Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Lombardy. In a town in the region, Brescia, the environmental association has also reported for years that there are more pigs (1.4 million) than people (1.2 million).

Nonetheless, environmental associations seem determined not to back down. They denounce not only pathetic living conditions from poor animals, but also big air pollution generated by these places. In particular, it was criticized that this macro-agriculture was responsible for the production of 16.6% of suspended particles less than 2.5 microns (PM2.5), which causes respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis.

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