Madrid court refuses to try Rodrigo Rato for the crime of lying

Section 23 The Provincial Court of Madrid has refused to try the former vice president of the Government of Rodrigo Rato for the “common, hypothetical and indeterminate” crime of forgery, and expanded the investigative facts into a punishable alleged bankruptcy crime, in the so-called ‘Rato Case’ over the alleged origin of his illegitimate inheritance.

In an order dated November 29, compiled by Europa Press, the judge has rejected an appeal filed by the Office of the Public Prosecutor against an order to open an oral hearing on June 1 issued by the titular judge of the Examining Court Number 31 Madrid.

Prosecutor, who ask for 70 years in prison for Rato, he challenged the resolution by rejecting the opening of an oral trial for the punishable crimes of bankruptcy and falsification, which is also interesting in his indictment.

The Madrid Provincial Court has made clear that it is inappropriate to expand the investigation into Rato and include the punishable crime of bankruptcy, “because the facts supporting the crime have been expressly disclosed. removed from procedure in the car where answers were given to previous appeals.

In the same sense, the demand for the opening of an oral trial regarding a crime of falsity that is generic, hypothetical and cannot be determined which has never been has become a specific object of imputation“, has been added.

Crimes against the Treasury, money laundering and corruption

Thus, the judge has confirmed the order to open an oral trial against Rato on charges of crimes against Hacienda Public, money laundering and corruption in business.

According to the results of the investigation, the former Minister of the Economy since 1999 has kept a hidden inheritance to the State Treasury through various companies with which he will carry out sustainable financial investment activities through a bank account at the State Treasury. The Bahamas, Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg, and the United Kingdom, among other places.

Throughout the procedure, unjustified increases have been identified in Rato’s equity between those years 2005 and 2015, in addition to income from moving capital abroad which is also not announced to the State Treasury. The swindled quota will amount to 8,586,121.67 euros in those fiscal years, according to the order of the holder of Madrid’s Court Instruction No. 31.

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