– Main material damage – VG

On Sunday, several traffic accidents were reported. At 21:56, all emergency services were on their way to E6 in Ryen where two cars were involved in an accident.


Vegtrafikksentralen st reported that two public transport lines were closed on Ryenkrysset in the direction of Alnabru due to a traffic accident.

– It queues in two empty fields, because the traffic is slow, they say.

At 22.50 the road is opened to traffic.

Two cars were involved in a traffic accident at E6 in Ryen, and all emergency services are on their way to the scene. The extent of damage to people is unknown.

– There has been substantial material damage, Oslo police wrote on Twitter at 9:56 p.m.

Is three kilometers with a queue

There was also a traffic accident on the E18 at Bergsenga in Holmestrand on Sunday afternoon. Three cars were involved, but no one was seriously injured, the Southeast district police said.

– We secure the crash site and clean up. The cars had to be picked up by an auto expert, said fire chief Andrew C. Wright.

THREE CARS INVOLVED: No one was seriously injured in a traffic accident on the E18 at Bergsenga in Holmestrand.

The road was closed, but is now reopening. By 7:57 p.m., queues were significantly reduced, the police operations manager said.

– The collision caused a queue on the E18 to the north, about three kilometers and started just after the Hanekleiv tunnel when I was passing in an emergency, Wright said.

Police were notified of the incident at 5.30pm.

Main material damage

In Oslo, there was a car accident at the intersection between Kirkeveien and Sognsveien. There was major property damage and queues at the site. Three cars were involved in the crash, according to the Oslo 110 exchange.

– The airbag has been triggered and the traffic light pole has been damaged. The accident had consequences for the entire intersection, all blocked. There were total stops in all directions at the intersection, operations manager Gjermund Stokkli told VG.

MAJOR INJURY: One person was sent to hospital after a traffic accident in Oslo.

According to police, the three involved were a driver in each car, one of whom was not injured, one was sent to the emergency room with minor injuries, and one to the Ullevål hospital. The person who was sent to the hospital was not seriously injured.

– Due to the massive material damage, and suspicion of internal trauma, the person was sent to Ullevaal, said Stokkli.

Police were notified of the incident at 5:51 p.m.

Two to the hospital

There was also a traffic accident on the E16 at Skarnes in Sør-Odal. Ove Operations Manager Stian Ovrum told VG that there was talk of a front-to-side crash in which two cars were involved.

– All involved are conscious, but there is one who complains of chest pain, said Ovrum.

At 4:37 p.m., the road traffic center reported that the road had been cleared and opened to traffic.

– Three people are involved. One has been taken to the emergency room and two to the hospital. Appears now as a violation of the obligation to produce a single vehicle, the Police at Home wrote in the update.

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