make them put a notification when buying a ship

Their promotional email does not warn that the advertised ship is not yet in the game.

Authority of great Britain They have given reasons to users accusing Star Citizen of misleading advertisements. Cloud Imperium Games’ ambitious space simulator, which remains in its alpha phase after more than $350 million raised and a decade in production, looks to forced to warn in your definite promotional email boat offered they don’t exist yet in the game. All of this, as a result of a complaint made by the player to the UK Advertising Standards Authority.

A user from Reddit, known as Mazty, featured complaint due to Cloud Imperium’s lack of transparency in promotional email from Star Citizen. In it, the company offers several ships available in its store for a limited time, to invite your purchase, without indicating at any time that it is a ship. still under development, that “there is not and never will be” in the game, this user protests to the British agency. Likewise, the letter did not mention the prices of these ships.

Because this user shared a posteriori, and strengthen in PC Gamer, the UK’s advertising agency, has forced CIG to add notification to your email promotions, warnings that certain ships don’t exist yet because they’re under development, to let users know before making your purchase. However, the notice is included as a small print at the end of the email and, this user added, the text states that the ship “will be playable”, something that casts doubt on adhering to advertising standards.

While most dedicated Star Citizen players are already well aware that many ships go on sale before they are implemented in the game, a new notification will do the trick. so novice pilots are not surprised when they were preparing to buy a ship. Star Citizen continues to be in development with no release date in sight, as is Squadron 42, a standalone campaign that “will be done when it’s finished,” Chris Roberts said in 2020.

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