Malaga’s first ‘Unicorn’? Jobandtalent paved the way from outside to compatriots

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This has been one of the news of the year in the national technology ecosystem for the past 2021. Work band talent join the select group of Spanish ‘unicorn’ in December, valuable company over one billion euros, where he is only accompanied by catalan women Glovo you wall box and the Madrilen people of cabify. A true business aristocrat who welcomes new recruits with Malaga roots.

Although many residents of the Costa del Sol didn’t think of her as a country woman, they must have been related to Jobandtalent. Is about technology work platform, where both workers and companies can submit their offers and demands to find their best option.

The goal of the Spanish company founded in 2009 is to become Biggest ETT (temporary work companies, i.e. their job is to transfer workers to another company for a certain period of time) digital world, as one of its founders put it Juan Urdiales in an interview with Canal Sur Radio, so the growth margin is still wide.

Jobandtalent managed to become a ‘unicorn’ for having surpassed the valuation of one billion euros after that closed an investment round of 440 million. Swedish Fund Kinnevik has become a leap forward figure in the company, which is also accompanied by Softbank, Endeavor That soul world; in addition to the 75 million debt issued by the fund Black Rock.

In total, real earthquakes in national ecosystems that put them in the assessment 2 billion; according to Jobandtalent data, above 1.7 billion from Glovo, 1,400 from Cabify and 1,260 from Wallbox. from this pole position, will be launched in international expansion in the United States and strengthening in the countries where they already operate: Spain, Germany, Sweden, France, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia and the UK, the main markets.

Specifically in the UK where the company has a registered office “Because of the needs of investors,” the company said when announcing its investment round. Its original base, however, was in Madrid, despite the fact that its two founders did not come from there: they were Felipe Navio, from Palma de Mallorca, Y Juan Urdiales, from Malaga.

Although initially more associated with the Malaga ecosystem, its growth ended with setting up a company in the Spanish capital, challenges that large, growing companies continue to face from the city of Andalusia: the Costa del Sol is a good place to grow, but is a bit more complex once it reaches a larger size.

The fundamental actor for this growth did come from Malaga: he is the company’s current executive president, Felix Ruiz, former founder Tuenti and shareholders since 2012 of the employment platform. His pivotal role in the 2014 investment round put him in the position he currently occupies in the company.

Agents involved in the Malaga ecosystem tell the newspaper that it is precisely this that can be authentic before and after in the Malaga technology ecosystem: emergence real ‘unicorn’ operating from the city. For now, the Malaga roots of Jobandtalent mark a milestone for dreaming from home.

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