Man claims ghost sent “message” to his girlfriend, from her phone

A husband and wife believe they “received a message from a ghost”, one man believes the text was sent from his own phone, while he was sleeping. The show went viral on the network, due to the silliness of the subject.

According to international media, the man confirmed that it all happened while he was traveling with his girlfriend to York, a city in England. They both live in Teesside, England.

In an interview on Teesside Live, the man commented that they had decided to have some fun at the local pub, taking photo in one of the corridors of the place and they keep on sharing.

At the end of the night, everyone returned home. But at 02.00 in the morning, his girlfriend received a message, something the man thought was strange because he was already asleep. text says: “Please call later.”

But 10 hours later, the woman received another text. She says “We are inv 4n 2z 4nb”, something quite accurate but at the same time a little elaborated for him and his girlfriend. Just as he thought he had put him to sleep or something, the next thing he thought was that someone had— “hacked” your phone.

After checking his cell phone, he found a photo taken in a pub corridor in York, one of the most visited cities for paranormal-themed lovers. “to live the Beyond experience”.

What he found impressed him. Image has several “bright spot”, which made him lose part of his face and “lost your silhouette in the dark”. “This must be something paranormal, no explanation,” punish the 40 year old man, who chose to remain anonymous to the media.

And what does that last message mean? The couple decided to google some references about what “The ghost wants to tell him.” The strangest thing is that the message is a mathematical equation, that 4n + 2 equation is from scientist Armand Hückel “That is the formula for calculating molecular orbitals, in the electron system”, guaranteed.

During the night in March, the couple visited some places that people believe “they are haunted” Could they meet the ghost of a scientist?

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