Man eaten by two lions

An 18-year-old man was dragged and eaten by two lions as he was traveling home with his family in the northwestern Indian state of Gujarat. This was reported by several Indian media, among others Mirror Now.

The lions, supposedly male and female, jumped out of the bushes and attacked the man from behind.

The incident must have happened on the night of June 23.

TikTok lion confiscated

– Our employees arrived on the scene quickly, but by that time the victim was already dead. “We were only able to recover some of the body parts of the victim, which suggests that the lion had eaten the victim,” Rajdeepsinh Jhala, deputy conservator of shoes, told Mirror Now.

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“Very aggressive”

The 18-year-old’s body parts have been taken to the town of Khambha for an autopsy, and his death is considered an accident, according to the report. Indian Express.

According to Jhala, it is not uncommon for residents to be attacked by lions in the area. When forest conservators try to control the lions, they have shown “very aggressive behavior”.

Pictures cause anger: - Shame on you!

Pictures cause anger: – Shame on you!

– After we failed to lure two big cats, we surprised the male lion on Sunday morning and rescued him. “We have also found a lioness, and work is underway to capture her,” Jhala told Mirror Now.

The lions are said to have come from the Gir forest wildlife sanctuary. According to information from 2020, about 400 Asian lions live in the forest, and it is the only natural habitat for Asian lions in the world, according to the newspaper. News Week.

In the past, lions were much more numerous in the forest, but their numbers are decreasing due to hunting and extreme weather conditions, such as drought.

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Woman killed by leopard

Lions are eager to stay in their territory. Conservationists from the reserve claim that the Gir forest has become overcrowded, meaning lions can stray from their habitat.

This could potentially lead to lions venturing into populated areas and making direct contact with humans.

The desperate lion must run away

The desperate lion must run away

Earlier in July, an 80-year-old woman was also attacked and killed by a leopard that had entered her village after straying from the Gir forest, according to the newspaper. Indian Tribune.

Villagers are said to have reacted as soon as they heard the woman’s screams, but the woman died of severe injuries.

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