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About four years ago, the waiting room at the Aurskog doctor’s office was renovated and the walls were painted a lime green. But since then, there’s one detail that’s been erased on the visitor in the vestibule.

Next to the water dispenser, a mute server is mounted on the wall – upside down.

One of those who thought there was no hope with stupid maids who couldn’t hang a jacket or take an umbrella, was Morten Nordby.

– When I went to the doctor’s office with the girl for a checkup, I sat down and talked to some celebrities that we should be able to turn things around. When he was alone again from the doctor’s visit he told me that next time he came it might turn in the right direction, Nordby told Dagbladet.

“Yes, I promise you,” I replied.

This case was first mentioned in Indra Akershus Blado.

Alarm about penis syndrome

Big talking point

After the medical check-up, Nordby and his daughter went down to the living room on the first floor of the building where the health center was located. There he spoke with Raymond Holmen at Aurskog Elektriske.

– He thinks it’s “dangerous” to turn around because it’s been the talk of the village for a long time.

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Despite Holmen’s skepticism, Nordby borrows a screwdriver, which he takes back to the doctor’s office.

– I asked those who work well at the reception if I am allowed to change the mute waiter. Then they smiled and said it was okay. So then I went out, flipped it over and then it came off.

A surprising find in the girl's stomach

A surprising find in the girl’s stomach

Facebook engagement

Morten Nordby took before and after photos of him turning the mute maid on the right path. After that, he shared the post on the Facebook group “We in Aurskog-Høland”, which has actually engaged with more than 70 comments and more than 400 likes.

‘Ha, ha, ha, there you got me up front. I’ll bring the practice with me when I drop by again later”, was one comment.

“It’s smart to hang it up/down. Among other things, I have an empty milk carton in the fridge. Just in case someone comes over they shouldn’t drink milk.”, another commented.

“What are we going to discuss now while we wait?” Ask the third.

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Nordby didn’t expect the post to be as involved as it has become.

– Obviously a lot of people think it’s fun. From what I understand from some of the comments, a lot of people are upset about it being hung upside down and think it’s weird that they didn’t fix it. I’m sure some people are happy about it, while others may be annoyed that it’s no longer visible.

Electric car charger hacked with pornography

Electric car charger hacked with pornography

Clock hanging upside down

At the same time as he turned on the mute waiter, Nordby noticed that the clock on the wall was too slow by 21 minutes.

When I shared the post on Facebook, I commented that I didn’t bother doing anything with the watch. Instead, I wrote that since we’ve just switched to daylight saving time, might recover if there’s time, he chuckles.

CELEBRATE: Ronni Le Tekrø and TNT have been doing this for 40 years. Photo/editing: Anders Grønneberg / Dagbladet
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On Friday, she returned to the waiting room with her daughter for advanced classes.

– Then the clock is set correctly, but reversed. So obviously there are some who are having fun surviving a bit.

“People have to pay for rescue operations themselves”

– Public health measures

In comments to Indra Akershus Bladoexplains lead Christian Mayer at the Aurskog medical center that the mute servant was turned upside down by his own knowledge and will.

– We don’t need Morten Nordby for this. I purposely put it on the wall the wrong way. Because I want to. Because I can. Because it is misused as a FRETEX stand. The cleanliness was not good so clothes were left hanging there for days.

Mayer described the unusual location as a measure of public health.

– Then someone has something to talk about. It was a test of hidden wit and humor. Unfortunately, some haven’t graduated yet. This is a job, so journalists have something to write about, he told the newspaper.

Unleashing bombs in «Luxury Trap»

Unleashing bombs in «Luxury Trap»

Accept it with a smile

If the mute maid was a hidden humor and intelligence test when Mayer responded to Indre Akershus Blad, Nordby admits he failed.

– Then I stroke the opposite, because I don’t think of it as humor. I’m absolutely sure that it was mounted upside down because it was done by accident. It is strange that no one has done anything before because it has two functions – putting umbrellas and hanging outerwear.

ABOVE DOWN: Even though the mute servers have now turned in the right direction, there's still things to comment on in the waiting room.  Private photo

ABOVE DOWN: Even though the mute servers have now turned in the right direction, there’s still things to comment on in the waiting room. Private photo
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The fact that he was mentioned by name in the answer from the head of the medical center, he took it very calmly.

– I don’t have hair ulcers. But he got an answer like he did in a newspaper, much to his surprise. We can only accept it with a smile, then we have to wait for the next joke from Dr. Mayer.

– Will you roll back the next time you go to the doctor’s appointment?

– That time I will not touch. I might be under the impression that if Mayer himself turned it around when asked, then he had done so with the knowledge and willingness to assert it.

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