McDonald’s launches vegan burger in UK and Ireland

McDonald’s will start selling vegan burgers in the UK and Ireland this month.

McPlant, which was developed in collaboration with Beyond Meat (a company that produces meat substitutes), consists of a veggie burger on sesame bun accompanied by vegan cheese, vegan sauce and other ingredients. Both burgers and cheeses are made with pea protein.

McPlant will be cooked separately from other McDonald’s products, with special equipment. It will go on sale at 10 restaurants this month before expanding to another 250 by the end of the year. The new burgers will be sold at all McDonald’s in the UK and Ireland by 2022.

The Chicago-based restaurant chain said Thursday that vegan burgers have appeared on menus at some of its branches, but this is the first time that vegan burgers – accredited by the Vegetarian Society – will be sold by McDonald’s in the United States. and Ireland.

The company said it decided to launch McPlant to meet customer expectations in the UK and Ireland. It has not been said when the McPlant will go on sale in other markets.

McDonald’s announced its partnership with El Segundo, California-based Beyond Meat in February. McDonald’s has previously introduced McPlant in Denmark, Sweden and Austria, but in all these markets McDonald’s uses plain cheese and mayonnaise, so the product is not considered vegan.

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