Medals for queer athletes


Of the 36 open queer athletes at the Olympics, 39 percent went home with medals. Thus, the “weird national team” is placed in 12th place in the medal statistics, ahead of major winter sports countries such as Japan and Italy.


The Beijing Olympics had more odd participants than the previous Olympics. Of these, 14 brought medals, 4 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze.

Seven of the players on Canada’s women’s national team in ice hockey were strange and important as Canada took its long-awaited revenge against the United States after its Olympic defeat in 2018.

In the ice dance, French couple Guillaume Cizeron and Gabriela Papadaki won recipe gold, the pair have won almost everything they have entered.

In ski cross for women, Sandra Näslund from Sweden dominates. He beat the competition and won gold as he has done in all major championships in recent years, most recently Naeslund becoming world champion at home in 2021.

On her own Instagram account, Sandra Näslund thanked everyone who had supported her on the road to Olympic victory “I have the best host family and girlfriends who support and stand up no matter what”, she wrote.

In speed skating, Ireen Wust from the Netherlands continues to win medals as she has done at olympics after olympics. With gold at 1500 meters and bronze at 1000 meters, Wust is now the third-most Winter Olympics winner of all time.

The ship on the British men’s national curling team, Bruce Mouat, on the other hand, had to settle for a silver medal. The Swede became too strong in a final which was played very well.

It was also silver for Alex Carpenter on the US women’s ice hockey team. At home, however, Carpenter has scored gold, he was engaged to his girlfriend Stephanie Klein before the Olympics.

In ice skating, Brittany Bowe from the United States won bronze in the women’s 1000 meters, while Ronja Savolainen from Finland took bronze with the Finland women’s national ice hockey team.


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