Medina Cantalejo received threats and police guarded the house

Since yesterday afternoon, after the Real Betis draw at Vallecas Stadium, name Medina Cantalejo This is a trend on the social network Twitter. Many fans of the verdiblanco team have accused the current president Referee Technical Committee for the latest arbitration award against the Heliopolitan team.

Club Betis, in several tweets, also expressed its disapproval of referee Muñiz Ruiz’s performance in yesterday’s match: “Real Betis have really respected the refereeing team for many years, but today’s referees are incomprehensible. The function of refereeing arbitrators is to provide justice, not the disgrace we experienced today in Vallecas. A decision is understandable, but repeating mistakes in the same direction and breaking the rules cannot be. Lex Moreno’s expulsion, a hand in the local area, a foul before the goal and a William Carvalho foul when he was alone. There is no possible explanation.”

As time passed, some fans’ frustration and anger escalated to the point of extremely dangerous situations, such as threats against the CTA chief executive and members of his family. So much so that even the police have made contact with Medina Cantalejo and various gifts The National Police have been monitoring his Seville house, according to the newspaper sports world. This same media reported that RFEF integrity department has announced and denounced the threats it has received in recent hours.

In our ‘Helvetia Survey’ yesterday, we asked if Betis should file a formal complaint about the arbitration being received at the Vallecas Stadium. What 93% answered firmly yes, while only 7% did not do so for fear of retaliation in the next game.

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