Meghan Markle and Prince Harry set up a company in a tax haven

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have become awkward relatives of the Windsors family. If a few days ago the Duke of Sussex threw a tantrum at the British government for not guaranteeing their safety while in England, now there are reports that their names are linked to eleven companies set up in the tax haven.

The couple has decided surrounded all of its businesses in the state of Delaware, known in the US for allowing very low tax payments in addition to allowing people not to provide much specific information about the income they earned during the tax year.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been responsible for creating a network of companies through their attorneys, Richard Genow, and its commercial director, Andrew Meyer. The pair have created various companies to present their economic activities outside the British royal family. So we meet Peca Publishing LLC you Orinoco Publishing LLC, the former is responsible for the rights to the children’s book that Markle released last year, while the latter is likely to be responsible for the rights to the book Harry is due to release this year.

The British media have established a series of names with a personal aspect to name their society. Orinoco Publishing LLC This refers to singer Enya’s song Orinoco Flow, one of Princess Diana of Wales’ favorite songs. On the other hand, there is society. Baobab Holdings LLC, refers to the Baobab tree, which is native to Africa and Australia, a special place for mates. Similarly, we find Hampshire LLC, a place referring to the United Kingdom where the couple took refuge during Markle’s final months of pregnancy.

Delaware is a US state renowned for having more companies than anywhere else in the country. Until 65% of Fortune 500 companies they are incorporated into the state thanks to factors such as their flexibility in business laws or low tax rates. In addition, the law requires that the names of directors and administrators be made public, but not their owners, a perfect question for those who wish to go unnoticed.

Also, the state waives income tax on companies incorporated in the state that do not do business in the state and shareholders who do not reside in Delaware. they also do not have to pay the above-mentioned taxes.

The dukes’ actions did not end well, because even though they were doing something legal, it went against the image of transparency they so desperately wanted to present. It remains to be seen whether the duke will finally appear on the first anniversary of the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, whose actions will take place in westminster monastery and it is hoped that most of the royal family will attend. Meghan and Harry are awkward family members who might be able to cover up an act of honoring husband Isabel II, while it is nearly impossible that Prince Andrew, Duke of York, who is facing a civil trial, will appear. @the whole world

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