Meta: Sheryl Sandberg investigated for planning a wedding with Facebook resources

Sheryl Sandberg’s decision to leave parent company Facebook, Meta Platforms, was a surprise to many associated with the tech giant. Sandberg may have been forced to resign from his position due to the company’s investigation into its activities, including usage reviews company resources to help plan your next wedding.

The review has been ongoing since May, according to Wall Street Journal. The investigation is also investigating allegations that Sandberg pressured Britain’s Daily Mail to “keep” articles about his former partner, Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard, and a 2014 temporary restraining order against him.

“All of this had nothing to do with his personal decision to leave,” Caroline Nolan, a spokeswoman for Meta, told the WSJ.

voluntary resignation

Sandberg, who will remain on the board of directors Target until the end of the year, reported to Zuckerberg intention to resign from his position. While his relationship with some of the other board members was strained at times, Sandberg’s decision was voluntary, according to people familiar with the matter.

Meta spokeswoman Caroline Nolan told the WSJ: “All of this had nothing to do with her personal decision to leave.”

Former and current Meta employees recently told Business Insider that Sandberg was gradually losing power at the company.

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