Microsoft implements a new way to earn Rewards points

If you’re an Xbox user on one of its platforms and you’re not aware of the rewards program known as Microsoft Rewards, you’re late and it interests you. dirty mode the company gives you points for completing certain types of actions and tasks. For example, playing a number of Xbox Game Pass games during the week, unlocking a number of achievements, etc.

Earning Rewards points is easy and sometimes automatic, then when you accumulate a certain number of points you can redeem them for gifts ranging from Xbox Game Pass subscriptions to games, donations to nonprofits, and more. In fact, I know quite a few people who have become Reward Point Hunters and accumulate huge sums each month.

Earning more Rewards points is true health

Now America is starting to test some additional alternatives for users to earn points. Tasks are currently limited to visiting certain links, performing Bing searches, filling out surveys or playing games, and unlocking achievements. PC branch is missing in this case, which is now included.

Starting today, certain users in certain regions will be able to earn Rewards Points by playing games on PC. These points are added to your Gamertag and voila.

Right now it’s a test, and it remains to be seen when it finally arrives in Spain and Latin America, as it’s currently only available in the UK and a few additional regions.

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