military maneuvers in Malvinas are illegal under both Argentine and international law

Yesterday he national government She has revealed through her official statement “blunt refusal” against the UK’s carrying out of new military maneuvers in the Malvinas Islands, which it considers an “unjustified show of force” in “illegally occupied” Argentine territory and “a deliberate departure from the calls for various UN resolutions and other international organizations.

Therefore, Executive Power has lodged a new protest against the British military exercises in the Archipelago, which will last until 29 April.

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The British Army exercise was held to “demonstrate the ability of BFSAI personnel to coordinate and organize resources for large-scale exercises.

In his remarks today, Cafiero added: “The international community has also determined that Britain and Argentina should meet at the negotiating table to resolve the sovereignty dispute over the islands, so that until that happens, any kind of activity that is developing, will be illegal for Argentina and international law.” .

“That’s why Argentina will continue to claim and reject this kind of action”, concluded the official. According to information handled by the Argentine Government, between 18 and 29 April, the British conducted military exercises in the Malvinas Islands, in which, among other things, British troops stationed in the islands, belonging to the Regiment of the Duke of Lancaster, participated. .

According to official information, the “Unauthorized Archipelago Defense Forces, along with Royal Navy and Royal Air Force forces” will also participate in the maneuver, which, it details, “is part of the military deployment of the illegal occupation of Britain in the Malvinas Islands.

According to a statement from the British Military Contingent in the Falkland Islands (BFSAI), The exercise was held to “demonstrate the ability of BFSAI personnel to coordinate and organize resources for large-scale exercises.“, said the portfolio chaired by Cafiero yesterday.

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