Millions of people waiting in the UK for treatment in hospital after the pandemic

Britons are again seeking hospital care after the collapse of the pandemic.

One a record 5.7 million people await hospitalization in the UK, after the collapse of the hospital that caused the pandemic and the delays it caused in the normal care of patients.

according to Figures from NHS England, as the UK’s public health system is known, are waiting lists increasing by around 100,000 per month of people unable to access care.

“There is no doubt that the NHS is heating up, with the highest number of patients seen in the ER in September: 14 times more coronavirus patients in hospital compared to the same month last year and recording 999 ambulance calls,” said Stephen Powis, National Medical Director. NHS.

The longest-delayed procedures include hip or knee replacement or cataract surgery.

The number of people who had to wait more than 52 weeks to start treatment was 292,138 in August, down from 293,102 in the previous month, but more than double the number expected in the previous year, in August 2020, which was 111,026.

Doctors say the figures released today are worrying.

Meanwhile, in the UK, coronavirus cases continue to rise across all age groups, according to the UK’s Health Safety Board.

The highest rate was among young people aged 10 to 19, with 1,120.8 cases per 100,000 people between October 1 and 10, with a weekly increase of 1,061.8.

Followed by children aged five to nine years, whose cases increased from 484.2 to 574.2.

For both age groups, these are the highest weekly rates since this data was first collected in October 2020.

Meanwhile, the population aged 80 years and over experienced an increase with a smaller difference, namely 110.8 compared to 90.2.

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