Minsait partners with UiPath to accelerate process automation in the Philippines


Minsait, an Indra group company, has been recognized by business automation firm UiPath as one of the leading technology partners in software automation for the Philippines, according to a statement.

The Spanish technology company has received the ‘Top Professional Service Ordering’ award and the ‘Top Partner Sourced iARR Award’ from companies in an Asian country, in recognition of the implementation and development of projects using automation platforms.

UiPath recently introduced the latest generation of its platform, which incorporates new ‘low code’ capabilities and expanded automation of robotic processes.

Minsait has led projects related to process redundant automation not only in the Philippines, but also in other countries such as Spain, Italy, UK, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Brazil or Argentina.

Its experts have robotized more than 1,000 processes and the robots used by Minsait have the capacity to execute more than 4,000,000 million man-hours per year, which has made them star in success stories in various sectors and have far-reaching impact in various fields. of collaborating organizations.

Among these projects, which focus on the robotization of incident management for asset vulnerabilities in telecom operators stands out, which has freed up 6,000 man hours.

In the field of public administration, Minsait has designed a bulk download solution for the tax return model that has succeeded in reducing the operating time from 10 minutes to seconds and reducing the error rate by up to 98%.Press release

Minsait has a Center of Excellence that has more than 250 professionals in the fields of operational efficiency and process automation and is supported by a global deployment network that supports projects developed in Europe, Latin America and Asia, where specifically has more than fifty professionals who dedicated to RPA at its head office in the Philippines.

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