Minsk accuses the EU and NATO for the border situation

The Belarusian government has called Tuesday a “tense and unpredictable” situation on its borders with Poland, Latvia and Lithuania, while lashing out at the European Union and NATO for “ignoring” their international commitments.

The head of the international war cooperation department of the Belarusian Ministry of Defense, Oleg Voinov, has demonized Brussels and the Atlantic Alliance for “ignoring and unilaterally interpreting some of their international commitments”, so that “the political and military situation on the Belarusian border is starting to become more tense and unpredictable. ”

Voinov insisted, on the other hand, that “the issue of migration has now reached a priority place on the regional agenda and they have continued a large-scale campaign to interfere in Belarus’ internal affairs through the imposition of sanctions and other non-constructive measures “against Minsk.

In this regard, he has pointed out at press conferences that the “criticism” leveled against Belarus and its responsibility in the current crisis on the border is “unsustainable”, the Belarusian news agency BelTA gathers.

“It’s no secret that every day hundreds if not thousands of migrants try to reach Britain from France via the English Channel, but for some reason, following Western logic, France is not accused of supplying migrants and creating crises on the borders with those countries Great Britain “, reproaches Belarusian officials.

Voinov has reported sending invitations to participate in the briefing to members of the Minsk Military Attaches Association, as well as Defense Attaches of European countries, who have received “up-to-date and objective” information on the state of the situation “with an emphasis on non-constructive measures from each country to Belarusian state.”

Within this framework, Minsk insisted that it is ready to “resume practical cooperation, but only if it is constructive and based on equality and mutual respect.”

Thousands of migrants, mostly from Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries, have tried to cross the border into the European Union. European authorities accuse Minsk of leading a hybrid war and of encouraging migrant arrivals to its outer borders.

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