Missed finals for “Norway” Kiel

(Kiel-Barcelona 30–34) Harald Reinkind (29) scored six goals, but he and Kielnya and Bjarte Myrhol had to miss the final in the Final4 play-off without the long-term injured Sander Sagosen after losing four goals to defence. Barcelona champion.

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– Kiel supporters lowered their heads and didn’t want to see more. There was no hope in the hanging thread, expert TV commentator 3 Gunnar Pettersen declared when there were six minutes left and Barcelona took the lead by six goals – which Kiel shrunk in an almost terrifying burst.

Kielce awaits Spain in the final of the European club handball play-off final on Sunday at 18:00. Team Poland beat Hungary’s Veszprém 37-35 in the other semifinal on Saturday.

At 4-4, the normally safe Niclas Ekberg missed a penalty at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne. It means. Barcelona goalkeeper Gonzalo Perez de Vargas Moreno makes a save. Minutes later, however, Ekberg’s Norwegian team-mate Harald Reinkind scored 7–6 for Kiel – without Sander Sagosen with long term injury.

It definitely gave Reinkind a confidence boost. He directed and was in charge of the 8-7 record. But defending champions Barcelona are certainly not swayed by that. Equalization. Then Kiels came in short-term worker Bjarte Myrhol parquet, positioning himself in a regular line – only to see Reinkind draw his shooting arm again.

Kiel had a one-goal lead, and Niklas Landin saved it.

And sloppy and Barcelona hit back, equalized – hit back again. Reinkind felt compelled to stop using illegal means. With two minutes on the bench as a consequence. Aleix Goméz Abelló scored Barcelona’s fifth and eleventh goals, in Kiel’s goal blank.

It all happened at a hyper tempo, for example back then Harald Reinkind tied at 12-12. One team is never more than one goal ahead of the other. 15–14 for Kiel, Reinkind delivered, his fourth goal so far – six minutes before half-time. Then Barcelona need a break. The Spaniards equalized and Kiel issued a number three sending off. Steffen Weinhold had to sit down to rest for two minutes. Barcelona scored from the seven-yard mark, the German had an uncomfortable and dramatic encounter with the floor – and was down for a long time.

NORWAY DOUBLES: Kiel’s Bjarte Myrhol and Harald Reinkind may miss Norwegian teammate Sander Sagosen in the Final 4 semifinal against Barcelona.

– Now it’s getting hot in here, comments expert TV commentator 3 Gunnar Pettersen.

Seven against six outfield players tied Kiel at 17-17 after time out. Actually, it couldn’t be more subtle. Giant kiel Patrick Wiencek reduced it to 18–19 with four seconds remaining in the first half.

– He is one of the three best midfielders in the world. “Very good in finishing, good in all phases of play,” Pettersen commented on the two-metre and 109-kilogram German.

Gomez scored his eighth goal from the right flank. Bjarte Myrhol entered again, for a long time. Harald Reinkind held Barcelona back, but failed when he could equalize at 21-21 for Kiel. Perez de Vargas saves an “empty” edge shot with a straight right foot.

HISTORICAL PROSPECT: Gonzalo Perez de Vargas Barcelona could become the first European club team to win the Final4 final for the second time in a row in Cologne on Sunday.

Reinkind awarded Kiel a penalty and a two-minute suspension for himself.

The question is whether it will be a turning point: Goméz scored his ninth penalty, his tenth after replying with Kiel’s goalless goal: 23–20 for Spain, who could be historically unique by winning the Final4 playoffs for the second time in a row.

– Typical Spanish now, analyzed by Gunnar Pettersen – with further in-depth explanations.

Wiencek picked up the rebound on “his” line, but swept the ball into the post behind Barcelona’s last bastion. Niclas Ekberg wants to drip at 23-25 ​​in a matter of life and death. He didn’t fix the “reduction”. But Bjarte Myrhol did. His first goal in the semifinals. The joy was short-lived. Goalkeeper Goméz Abello gave Barcelona a three-goal lead, which soon became four – and another time-out request from Kiel’s side.

With, mind you, 17 minutes remaining. 15 minutes to go: Goméz’s goal number eleven (12 to finish) in twelve attempts (29-24). Then almost the final goal came to Kiel.

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