Misunderstanding in the UK before Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan

On the ground in Afghanistan – cooperation between the United States and the United Kingdom– closer than ever, but today’s humanitarian catastrophe raises serious questions in the highest spheres of international politics. With the White House – it seems – making decisions without relying on its allies.

“The world has become a much more dangerous placeAl Qaeda will return to Afghanistan in no time”… Andrew Bridgen is a British Conservative MP who believes President Biden has plunged the world into crisis.

“Joe Biden has made a decision that has damaged the United States, its position in the world, its position with its allies, it has emboldened its enemies, for what? And we will see the Afghan people under the yoke of the medieval system of abuses,” Bridgen continued.

In London, Berlin and Brussels – across the European political spectrum – there is widespread mistrust of President Biden’s decision to implement President Trump’s announced withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Harriet Harman, a key member of former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s administration: “It’s surprising that Joe Biden has not reviewed what Trump said and does not appear to agree on any terms with the Taliban regarding troop withdrawals.” “At stake is the fear that we will see the Afghan people return to the most oppressive regimes.”.

457 British soldiers died in Afghanistan, while Britain cooperated with the United States…. A special relationship. But for the left and the right – British politics – there is a consensus…

“Obviously that doesn’t reflect well on the Western alliance, or NATO, or the UK, or the US,” Harman concluded.

Over the past 20 years, more than 150,000 British soldiers, sailors, airmen and women have contributed to operations, paving the way to a safer and more secure Afghanistan.

“This is the biggest foreign policy disaster for the West in my life.… Trump’s policy is America First, and I think that makes sense. But Biden’s politics seems to be American only. For a free world leader, that’s unacceptable,” said Bridgen.

The virtual G7 meeting – an important opportunity for the American President – to restore the narrative of cooperation and collaboration with allies of the United States

But the long-term damage the decision to step down to America’s international reputation remains to be seen, as time moves on in Kabul.

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