Morelos, to end the year with a goal on Boxing Day and before half-time

This may not be the highest scoring season so far Alfredo Morelos, however, the Colombian forward has always contributed, creating space for his reference in the area and with Giovanni van Bronckhorst has more freedom to move across the line, like the modern ‘9’.

The coach praised the Colombian striker’s playing intelligence, he knew that even though he had to improve, he could be an unstoppable striker. “I’ve said it many times: if Alfredo Morelos is smart and regains that lead in his game and in good form, he’s a very good goalscorer,” he said recently.

Now, Morelos is getting ready to close the year on Boxing Day, a special date for football in England. The Colombian hopes to close the first half of the season with a goal or two, something that on 21/22 he couldn’t reach the Liga, in the Europa League he scored X2 against Sparta Prague and was named the club’s 5th goal scorer in history in the competition.

Second lowest average

Finish the first part of the season with previous confrontation St Mirren, by far, Morelos have the second lowest average since joining Rangers. As of 20/21 he currently only scores table goals, while in this he already has 7 annotations. The Colombian has struggled for the past two years in the face of criticism, however, he has always responded and ended it with a number of goals.

trust from Giovanni van Bronckhorst

The Dutch coach gave a tough task to his teammate, Roy Makaay, who handled the front lines. Morelos was backed by one of the best forwards of the early 2000s. The Colombian has earned the trust of the entire coaching staff who want to see the best version again, little by little he began to achieve it.

Memories of ST Mirren

Against St Mirren, Alfredo Morelos had one of the most powerful shots at Rangers. 100 goals and a mad hug with the fans. On St. Mirren Park, the 25-year-old exploded and showed he wants to get back to his scoring level. This December he has already scored three goals and now the target is to score again.

Boxing Day and the last match of the year

England celebrate Boxing Day. Rangers will host St. Mirren in Ibrox Stadium this Sunday at 10:00 (Colombian time).

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