National and international ephemeris on April 6

That International Sports Day for Development and Peace commemorated every April 6 thanks to the UN General Assembly. Today invites the communitystate and international, regional and national sports organizations for encourage exercise as part of daily activities because sports activities play an important role in society and serve as a a tool for forming social bonds as well as for promoting peace, solidarity and respect.

What happened in Mexico?

In 1813 José María Morelos began attacking Acapulco.

In 1902 Juan Sarabia, Camilo Arriaga and Librado Rivera, liberal opponents of the Porfirio Díaz regime, founded the newspaper demo.

In 1953 he was born Pineapple Celso, Mexican musicians and music composers of different genres. Celsus considered pioneer and one of the main exponents in the composition and interpretation of Colombian music such as Colombian cumbia and vallenato.

in 2002 Silvia Derbez passed awayMexican actress Mexican cinema’s Golden Age. He also participated in Miss Mexico 1952, where he got fourth place. Among his most famous films are They say I’m a seductress, Salón México, Bride of the sea among others.

What’s happening in the world?

In 1896 in Athens there was The first Olympics in the modern erawhere they participate 241 athletes from 14 countries, who competed in 43 competitions in 9 sports, The game ends on April 15th. Since then, every four years, athletes from all over the world meet to compete in it.

In 1906 in the United States it aired Funny phase of funny facewhich is first cartoon short film.

In 1917 United States declare war on Germany in the First World War.

In 1943 in the United States the book the little Prince, by French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Even though it’s considered a children’s book because of the way it’s written it is actually a critique of maturity where deep issues such as the meaning of life, loneliness, friendship, love and loss are discussed.

In 1973 at Cape Canaveral, NASA launches spacecraft Pioneer 11. This ship is one of the first probes of the space exploration program.

In 1973 the British rock group Queen signed her first professional contract with EMI Records.

In 1974 in England, ABBA music group wins by Sweden, XX Edition of Eurovision by theme water.

In 2010 the Colombian poet and writer died Jaime Spinel, who? one of the founders of the Nadaismo gerakan movementa group of writers and artists who in the early 1970s tried to express literary discrepancyand even the moral and social youth of the time.

In 2014 fallecio Chuck StoneAmerican journalist, teacher, and author, who is first African-American man to go to college. He is the founder and president of the National Association of Black Journalists.








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