National Government launches “Malvinas 40 Years Agenda”

On The Museum of Malvinas and the South Atlantic Islands launched on Monday its “40 Years Agenda of Malvinas”, a virtual platform that lets you know the official program of activities to be held in Argentina and in different countries of the world. and will have documentary and audiovisual information about the Malvinas Question. In addition, this tool will allow interested parties to add action proposals to be put on the agenda.

Participate in the launch on Chancellor, Santiago Cafiero, and Secretary of Malvinas, Antarctica and South Atlantic, Guillermo Carmona. The Malvinas Nos Une website was presented and the announcement of the slogan “Malvinas Nos Une” was unveiled. and a graphic brand as a unifying element for the message of the national struggle throughout 2022.

Too, Defense ministers, Jorge Taiana; and Education, Jaime Perczyk; and director of the Museum, Edgardo Esteban, together with representatives from organizations of war veterans and fallen relatives, universities and diplomats.

On the occasion of the 189th anniversary of the illegal occupation of the Malvinas Islands by the British and as a tangible manifestation of the initiative announced by the President of the Nation on 19 November, this series of actions is presented within the framework of the “40 Years of the Malvinas Agenda”, the aim of which is to honor the fallen and recognize ex-combatants, war veterans and their families and made the Malvinas Question visible in the country and in the world. Likewise, to propagate political and diplomatic actions within the framework of State policies established by the National Constitution after the permanent and inalienable goal of the Argentine people to regain the exercise of sovereignty over the Argentine territories occupied by the British, in accordance with the principles of international law.

The “Malvinas 40 Years Agenda” has been structured as a program that will cover the whole year, and that within the national territory will have a federal and multidimensional nature. The agenda will be maintained throughout the year by activities proposed by various regions of national government, provinces, municipalities, National Malvinas Council, organizations and centers of ex-combatants and fallen relatives, universities and social organizations, therefore which will include cultural, academic actions , education and social.

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