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SEEKING COMFORT: Parish Priest Aksel Lygre said the young people who were present during the tragedy needed good support now.

BØMLO (VG) Islanders mourn after a boy (12) died at sea on Thursday. Nevertheless, the parish priest hopes people will continue to ride the boat.


– I still have an unreal feeling. Could it happen? Is that true?

Parish priest Aksel Lygre tries to put into words the emptiness that characterizes all of Bømlo on Fridays.

Almost a day ago, the small island community lost a 12 year old boy.

The Westland boy is said to have hit a mast, a marine sign indicating boat drivers where they should avoid driving, and fell into the water.

Attempts at cardiopulmonary resuscitation are useless. The boy was declared dead at 5:20 p.m.

ACCIDENT LOCATION: Kråkeneset is located one hour north of Haugesund.

On Friday, a small bouquet of red flowers covered the pole in the lake, which was completely silent. The water is clear, the weather is good.

I’d really like to be able to snap my fingers and fix it, but I can’t, the parish priest said.

The sun was just setting behind Bømlo town hall. Lygre wore black clothes and a confident and firm handshake.

– It hit hard. Everyone knows everyone, he said.

Although the boy is said to be driving alone, several other young people were present during the tragedy.

On Thursday night, the crisis team gathered people who were there to try to get them to talk about what they were going through, the parish priest said.

– Don’t stop driving the boat

“We’re trying to say that there can be many different reactions and feelings, and that it’s all normal and harmless to be angry, irritable, or very sad, for example, says Lygre.

– Lack of sleep for several nights, for example, we can tolerate such situations. It is important to provide an understanding of what could happen, and to ensure that they get food and drink. We try to see them and show concern.

– How would you describe their condition?

– I think young people reacted in a very healthy and good way. They cry a little, they are quiet, they express things in words, they tell stories. There were great parents who were there and kept them close and supported them, she said.

Despite the tragedy, the parish priest hopes the islanders will continue to use boats.

– As said yesterday at the meeting, don’t stop driving the boat. Be careful, but don’t stop boating. We hope that will be the result, he said.

– The sea is the lifeblood of society

Bømlo is a small Westland municipality consisting of a number of islets, islands and reefs and a population of about 12,000 inhabitants.

– The sea is the lifeblood of the people of Bmlo, said the mayor of Bømlo, Sammy Olsen (Sp).

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– Many young people start fishing early, riding outboard motors and using boats. So when someone is taken from us so suddenly, it affects people. That’s right. It stopped a bit, he said.

– It’s a waste.

– Will you take action to prevent similar accidents in the future?

– I don’t know exactly what caused this accident, because it is under investigation. (..) And until we know, we can’t do anything about it.

Police are investigating the case as an accident, but said on Friday it was too early to conclude the cause.

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