New Netflix premiere turns flamenco Rocío Montoya into a picture

Technology from an Oxford studio specializing in motion capture techniques turned into cartoon dancer dance Rocio Montoya, skills starting this Friday can be seen at the premiere “Riverdance”, a A Netflix children’s film with a clear nod to flamenco.

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Rocio Montoya (Granada, 1981) was the only Spaniard in the company river dance responsible for sustaining musical performances with two decades of success based on Irish dance, but also added Russian people, tap and flamenco.

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This music is inspiring “Riverdance: Animated Adventure”, a production of Netflix which will premiere internationally this Friday and which has changed the pace and praise of dancer from Granada in the movements of some of its protagonists.

“So far I’ve looked at the pieces and I can only say they do magic, I feel so reflected And I think that anyone who knows me by the way I dance will see me both in Penny -a deer- as in Moya“, Montoya explained to EFE.

Proposal to be Part of an animation project it came to him because of one of the promoters musical it’s also from this movie, “luck and experience”.

montoya He began his training at the Marichu School in the densely populated Zaidín neighborhood of Granada (southern Spain) and before working with references such as Raphael Carrasco That Maya Mario finished his career spanish dance in the conservatory.

To “teach” how to move Penny the flamenco dancing reindeer In the movie, Montoya is wearing something like a wetsuit with sensors and dance to capture every step in some kind of framework.

“And I’ve seen myself very much reflected, especially in the joints. It’s just that I turned into a deer and Moya“, added the artist who was enjoying his vacation in Granada shortly after landing at the Universal Exhibition in Dubai and before leaving for Argentina.

production too chance for flamingos and to remind us that this is a universal art, so much so that even an Irish film winks at it, and so well done”, said the woman from Granada, who claimed more pride for this art and offers to be the soul of every other future production.

“Riverdance: Animated Adventure” is a British production directed by Eamonn Butler and David Rosenbaum, who also wrote the script for the animation.

Next premiere of Netflix tell a story about Keegan, an Irish boy traveling with Moya, a Spanish girl, into the world of myth Megaloceros Giganteus, flock magic deer who taught them to dance.

Next to the lent movement Rocio Montoya, Netflix added actors Pierce Brosnan, Sam Hardy you Hannah Herman Cortes, is responsible for voicing the plot.

*With information from EFE.

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