New SIM B1

This measure, proposed by various Road Safety and for the Development of Electric Mobility organizations, is not new; it already exists in other European countries, and its application in that State would imply modification of the Common Driver’s Regulations.

Remember that There is already a permit called AM, which is a driver’s license that allows people over the age of 15 to ride two or three-wheel mopeds and light four-wheel bicycles., that in no case exceeds 50 cubic centimeters, a speed of 45 km/h, or a weight of 425 kilograms.

B1 license is the category of driver’s license referred to in the European Directive 2006/126/CE. Son requirements to get it: in the case of an A1 permit for motorcycles up to 125 cc, the regulations require applicants to be at least 16 years old and pass a series of tests, such as passing a psychotechnical test, a general theory exam (same as a car license), others specifically for motorcycles, a closed circuit exam with part of balance and another part of speed, and another part of circulation.

For B1, with the same age requirement, the governing European directives do not distinguish between theoretical B and B1 training, and leave the contents of the practical exam to the discretion of each country, but must be adapted and specific to each type of vehicle, and here the Directorate General of Traffic Lintas must apply a rule.

And what exactly is a B1 permit? This is a card that will straddle that allows the use of lightweight quadricycles, traditional microcars that can’t exceed 45 km/h, and the Bs required for conventional tourism. By law, the B1 clearance provides access to the heavy quadriceps.

The speed of these vehicles – which must be registered – is limited to a maximum of 90 km/h, and while they don’t have the safety of conventional cars (for example, they are not required to carry ABS or airbags), they do have an important advantage that quads don’t: a reinforced structure that protects if rollover or collision occurs.

You have to analyze the benefits of this action. This license has been adopted and successfully tested by countries such as Portugal, Italy, France and the UK, and the new SIM will provide the first possible access to electric mobility to approximately one million people every year.
One of the main advantages of implementing B1 in the short term is increased safety on the go, as this permit will allow rational and staggered access to driving a car, and a safer alternative to mobility than traditional means of transport.
In addition, B1 will contribute to climate change mitigationSince most heavy quads are electric, they meet European emission standards and help achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

this permission aims to facilitate staggered access to electric mobility for young people: it will reach out to the public that tomorrow will be a part of traffic and will be able to overcome the current barriers of ignorance surrounding electric vehicles, making the public aware of efficient and safe driving.

Size will also support industrial development based on this type of vehicle by state enterprises seeking to develop factories to produce them in our country, promoting competitiveness.
Although currently DGT has left the B1 door open, it has emphasized that this decision will be taken “in the medium or long term”, because in its implementation it requires modification of the Driver’s Regulation.

The question is: is it safe for a 16 year old to drive a small four-wheeled vehicle capable of reaching 90 km/h? Everything will depend on the training you receive. In fact, there are currently A-1 licenses for motorcycles up to 125 cc and 20 CV power, which run a lot more and which otherwise lack bodywork that protects in the event of a crash.

So, a priori, there should be no shortage of understanding that the so-called B1 permits will be introduced, which have already been adopted and successfully tested in neighboring countries as mentioned above.

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