New Weird Drop: Complete raknet against Haugesund

(Odd – Haugesund 0–4) On the day of the football party, there was nothing to do but cheer at the Skagerak Arena.

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After three straight defeats and 14th place in the elite series in six games, Odd is chasing a long-awaited rise. But in their own territory, it was the guests who took part in the football party.

– We got it exactly what we wanted. We’re “maximizing” what we can get out of that fight here, Alexander Søderlund told Discovery+.

Pl Arne’s wacky coach «Paco» Johansen replied with:

– I have to apologize to all the more than seven thousand who showed up today.

Only nine minutes had been played when Christos Zafeiris from Haugesund sent a long ball towards Odds from 16 yards. There, teammate Søren Reese is the strongest in the duel and stabs the guests up front.

Eight minutes later, Haugesund was back on the move. Søderlund sent a fine wand for Mads Sande which was more of a wand than Odd’s defence. Alone with Leopold Wahlstedt, Sande was safe as a bank and doubled the guest lead.

Tough for the home team, and a great home goalkeeper scouting visit this May night.

OBJECTIVE: Alexander Søderlund is the butler and goalscorer at the Skagerak Arena.

And although it looked better for the home side towards the end of the first half, it was much more painful at the start of the second half.

For Søderlund has not finished serving. This time for Aljoner Ndour who was alone with the goalkeeper it was cool and put in 3-0. Only six minutes into the second half.

Then it only took three minutes before the next cold shower for Odd. At Zafeiris’ long pass, it was the butler Søderlund’s turn. Odd’s defense was nowhere to be seen and it was once again a one-on-one, between Haugesund’s men and Wahlsted’s keeper. And once again it was Haugesund’s kindness.

Then the audience had enough. As Søderlund celebrated 4-0, cameras caught a number of Odd supporters dressed in white on their way out of the Skagerak Arena.

– The controls we had in Haugesund before the game, we handled very poorly. They ran right through us. It’s disappointing and too bad, especially with us there. “Four retreats are absolutely pathetic,” Odd captain Steffen Hagen told Discovery+.

CHEERS: Haugesund players embrace Alexander Søderlund after 4-0.

And with a four-goal advantage, Haugesund fell. Then Odd gets more turns on his own game. But despite much greater possession of the ball, the big chances of the goal were wasted.

Thus, it ended in a fourth successive defeat for Odd, who after seven games are now in 15th place after seven games. Haugesund for his part passed Odd and moved up to 14th after his second three points of the season.

– It was a day where a lot of things went wrong for us, although we had some good periods towards the end of the first half, concludes coach Odd «Paco».

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