“No more”: uproar in Great Britain over Queen Elizabeth’s refusal just days after the 70th anniversary of her reign

GREAT BRITAIN-. Although it is the national emblem and has become a record, the figure Queen Isabel cause resistance in some of the population great Britain. In this context, a group of Republicans took advantage of the imminent 70th anniversary of reign that the king will comply to reject this model of government, and propose an end to real house.

Elizabeth, 95, the world’s longest-serving and longest-reigning monarch, will turn her seventh decade as ruler next month. In the previous one, Buckingham Palace detailed plans for four days of celebration for him jubilee Platinum in June. This act will be the king’s return to public activities after the pandemic.

But the antimonarchy group Republic He took the opportunity to say he would start a “No more 70” campaign to call for the end of the historic institution. “While the boisterous minority wants to celebrate seventy years of the Queen’s tenure, we all need to start looking to the future. Perspective from king charles not happy and there is a good and democratic alternative,” he said. Graham Smith, de Republik.

“It’s time to have serious debate about our constitutionAccept that Carlos is not the best the country can offer and that as a nation we are perfectly capable of choosing our head of state,” he urged in the same vein, calling on the population to unite. Isabel suffers from a complex in 2021, when her husband dies, the prince philip Edinburgh, agency report Reuters.

Polls show that most Britons support the monarchy and the queen herself is very popular. But there isn’t much support for his eldest son and heir Carlos, so polls show there is growing Republican sentiment among younger Britons.

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