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This is the 20th year of the AARP Annual Film Awards for Adults, and you’re invited! Theater and film star Alan Cumming will host the upcoming star-studded program Great Show In the 20th Birthday Special on Friday, March 18, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET on PBS (check local listings), (link in English) and the PBS Video app. This is a virtual event, like many people during this pandemic season; it’s like throwing a Zoom party with a selection of Hollywood stars in their prime.

As every year, we highlight films and events featuring important themes, thoughtful stories, and the most talented older filmmakers and actors who directly target audiences aged 50 and over, a critical population that supports the best in film and entertainment. TV. Without a larger audience, art films, indie films, and television that qualify as art would not survive. Thanks to AARP and its audience, Hollywood offers more than spandex starlets to the world of superheroes.

But adult films are booming, both on the big and small screens. We’re seeing a year of incredible masterpieces, much more than we had 20 years ago when Film for Adults began. Here’s a must-see, the latest nominations for the Film Awards for Adults.

Full list of nominees for the Film Awards for Adults:

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