Norwegian policy, no entry | SV demands that borders be opened to close relations outside the EEA

– The government has more confidence in the NHO, which will open the immigration of workers to Hurtigruten, than ordinary people.

The government has opened the door for girlfriends and close family members from the EEA countries and the UK to apply to visit Norway.

SV is now demanding that the government does not discriminate between girlfriends and family members inside and outside the EEA region.

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SV demands that borders be opened to open close relations, said Nicholas Wilkinson (SV).

– Many are completely vaccinated, and then it’s ridiculous that if you have a girlfriend in the US, then you can’t see each other.

– SV and I believe that we should open up to those closest to us, such as grandparents or boyfriends, says Wilkinson.

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Setting requirements for conditions

At Nettavisen on Friday, the government’s “boyfriend rule” was beaten by several lawyers.

They believe it is wrong for the government to set a dating relationship requirement that is good enough to allow entry into the country. In this case you have been together for at least nine months and have seen each other physically before.

– Should Facebook police see photos of people? Have they been together physically, how long have they been together and did they change the date when they found out about this rule? Wilkinson asked sarcastically.

– There is so much mistrust of people, and it is dangerous.

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– The government has more confidence in the NHO, which will open up labor immigration to, for example, Hurtigruten, than they should to ordinary people.

Wilkinson refers here to last year after postdisclosures, indicating that the Ministry of Health and Care Services gave in to pressure from the NHO to grant quarantine exemptions for foreign workers, for example, green industries.

Then Hurtigruten violates infection control rules for workers they are allowed to take from abroad, which causes a plague at MS Roald Amundsen.

– I am lucky

Wilkinson said she herself was lucky to have her husband into the country before the pandemic hit.

– I was very lucky because my husband moved to Norway before the pandemic hit the country. From England, so he will keep coming up with new schemes. But not seeing him for more than a year would be inhumane.

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He was aware that all infection control rules had to be followed if one were to open up to more entry into the country.

– They have to follow infection control advice, including quarantine, and if there is a major outbreak in a country, then I understand that we have to stop coming in from there.

– When even those who are fully vaccinated do not escape quarantine hotels, like now, we have to open up.

– Important for mental health. You don’t have a good life when you can’t meet the people you love.

The first version of the case states that girlfriends and close relatives from all countries can come to Norway from 15 July. This is not true, only girlfriends and close relatives from the EEA region can enter.

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