Norwegian Politics, NATO | Towards the NATO position of Rødt and SV: – Totally inconceivable

– It is inconceivable that SV and Rødt want Norway out of NATO. They had to admit that their policies were insane and would increase the danger to the Norwegian population. Had it been Bjørnar Moxnes, we would not have the United States, Great Britain and the rest of NATO behind us if our country was attacked.

This is what FRP leader Sylvi Listhaug told Nettavisen. He reacted after reading that Red leader Bjørnar Moxnes stood as firm as his NATO position after Ukraine’s invasion by Russia.

As is well known, Rødt and SV are the two parties in Storting who want Norway to leave the NATO defense alliance.

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Listhaug pointed to Russia’s neighbors Georgia and Ukraine, both of which have experienced visits by Russian troops.

– Just look at the Baltic countries which are NATO countries, compared to Ukraine and Georgia which were both once colonized. It is no coincidence that NATO countries are safe, while those outside live at the mercy of Russia.

me 2008 Russian troops entered Georgia and supported Russian separatists in the Georgian territories of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Only four months after that NATO opens the door for the future membership of Georgia and Ukraine.

The invasion of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula in 2014 came months after protesters in Ukraine took to the streets and called for closer ties with the West.

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– Definitely the most important

– NATO is by far our most important alliance. That’s our safety. We defended them, and they defended us. We must not imagine that we would have that security without NATO, said the FRP leader.

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He concluded that this was not a common political party disagreement.

– It’s not just another matter where we disagree with each other. It’s about the safety of the Norwegian people. What Rødt and SV, who are the cogs of the government in this regard, are outright dangerous. It is time that the parties must answer for themselves how they can defend endangering the security of the Norwegian people by wanting to withdraw Norway from NATO.

– Big problem with NATO soldiers

Red leader Bjørnar Moxnes wasn’t focused on the same thing as Listhaug.

“Rdt’s focus now is on standing together to do what we can to stop Russia’s war of war against international law, punish Putin and the oligarchs and help the victims of the war in Ukraine, not to participate in Sylvi Listhaug’s inappropriate political games,” he said. Nettavisen said.

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Moxnes points to NATO’s wars in countries beyond the alliance’s borders when he explains Rødt’s position.

– Otherwise, Rødt’s policy is firm: It is a big problem that Norway has been building our territorial defense for 20 years to better participate in NATO wars abroad, which according to previous defense chiefs has sacrificed Norway’s defense readiness at home. We would rather have a Nordic defense cooperation prioritize the defense of its own territory over wars in Asia and Africa. Today there is little debate about Norway’s membership.

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Online newspapers have been in contact with SV, but they have not responded to Listhaug’s criticism.

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