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Selling cheap selling to brother (Dagbladet)
Hadia Tajik sold part of her apartment to her brother Athar Ali without any increase in value. 15 months later he sold the entire apartment. Now its value has increased 46 percent. Tajik denies that he has run any housing speculation. – Illegal tax adjustments, tax attorneys say. ocean

Stealing politicians from Labor Party prompts Tajiks to resign as deputy leader (online newspaper)
Storting politician May Britt Lagesen (Labor Party) asked Hadia Tajik to step down as deputy leader as well. ocean

Aps party secretary: Full faith in Tajik (VG/NRK)
APS party secretary Kjersti Stenseng has full confidence in Hadia Tajik: – I look forward to working further with him as deputy leader, he said. ocean

Labor mayor calls on Tajiks to step down as deputy leader (NRK)
Several mayors and parliamentary representatives in the Labor Party are now asking Hadia Tajik to step down as party vice chair as well. ocean

Now Tajik Gifts could be Støre’s worst enemy (comment by Erik Stephansen) (Nettavisen)
That Hadia Tajik resigns as Minister is a logical decision. But at the same time, today’s press conference showed Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre’s weak side. ocean

Støre is Team Tajik in the co-lead question. This can go wrong. (comment by Frithjof Jacobsen) (Dagens Næringsliv)
Jonas Gahr Støre believes Hadia Tajik can continue to be deputy chairman of the Labor Party. But what if the party disagrees? ocean

Media: This could replace the Tajik Prize (NTB)
Parliamentary leader Rigmor Aasrud ​​and Oil Minister Marte Mjøs Persen are among the candidates to take over after Hadia Tajik, reports FriFagbevegelse. ocean

Sorry. This is not over (leader) (Dagbladet)
It should have been an apology, but it sounded first and foremost like Hadia Tajik fighting for her further political life. ocean

Some in SV will reconsider their views on NATO (Bergensavisen)
The SV was originally founded on NATO resistance, but now some in the party will reconsider the views of the defense alliance in light of the situation in Ukraine. ocean

Huitfeldt doesn’t rule out more Norwegian arms shipments (class struggle)
Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt (Labor Party) disagreed with researchers who said it was unwise to send weapons to Ukraine. He did not rule out that Norway would send more. ocean

City authorities say yes to Ukrainian refugees (NRK)
276 of 281 cities in Norway agreed to accept refugees from Ukraine. – It is good that the whole world condemns the war, but it is not enough, said the mayor. ocean

Experts believe Russia will react to no-fly over Svalbard (class struggle)
After the flight ban for Russian aircraft also included Svalbard and Jan Mayen, legal experts believe Russia will consider it a violation of the Svalbard Treaty. ocean

Russian ship may be turned down in Norway
Britain refused to allow Russian ships to dock in British ports. Norway is now in dialogue with the EU to introduce similar measures. ocean

A historic decision to curb plastic pollution (NTB)
The framework for an international treaty on plastic pollution was adopted Wednesday during the United Nations Environment Assembly. The meeting was chaired by Norway. ocean

ICC opens investigation into possible war crimes in Ukraine (NTB)
The International Criminal Court (ICC) confirmed that it had launched an investigation into potential war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ukraine. ocean

New York Times: China asks Russia to wait until after the Olympics to attack Ukraine (online newspaper)
Chinese authorities may have known about the invasion beforehand. ocean

Lavrov highlights nuclear war: – I think Russia is really afraid that the EU and NATO will become tougher, defense expert says (Business today)
If there is a third world war, there will be nuclear war, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Moscow fears the West will enter Ukraine, says chief researcher Tor Bukkvoll. ocean

Lavrov: Russia recognizes Zelensky as Ukrainian leader (NTB)
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov insisted that Ukraine should be demilitarized, but acknowledged that President Volodymyr Zelensky was Ukraine’s leader. ocean

Majority of UN member states demand Russia withdraw from Ukraine (NTB)
The UN General Assembly has adopted a resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 141 countries voted in favor of the resolution. ocean

Congressional Committee: Trump is part of a “criminal conspiracy” to change election results (NTB)
Former President Donald Trump was part of a criminal conspiracy trying to topple the 2020 presidential election, according to the Jan. 6 committee. ocean

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