Norwegians on vacation can be met with coroner restrictions

Some of Norway’s holiday favorites are now experiencing a rising trend of infections. In countries like Portugal, Italy and Cyprus, you may be faced with coronary restrictions.

When you go on vacation this summer, you may have to wear a mask at the airport and on public transportation.

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You finally made it to your vacation destination after canceling your flight and waiting at the airport. Then you have to deal with coroner restrictions.

Several countries in Europe are now reporting increased infection rates. Many have become popular vacation destinations.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has forecast a new wave of infections throughout the summer. This is what WHO chief Hans Kluge told the AP news agency.

The WHO has tripled the number of cases in the past month.

The variants currently available are the BA4 and BA5 omicrons. Most likely it is one of you can be infected on a holiday.

If, for example, you’re going to be traveling to countries like Cyprus, Italy and Portugal, you’ll need to get the funnel out again.

CRETE: Spokespeople have been mandated on public transport for a long time, and Greece will continue that mandate.

Italy: Requirements for face masks

Throughout the summer, and until the end of September, bandages are required on public transport in Italy.

Indoors or at social events, however, it is not mandatory to wear a face mask, but there is still one recommendation.

Italy reported more than 600,000 infections last week. They had an increase in infections in the last five weeks. On Tuesday, July 5, they peaked at over 100,000 infected.

Note that Italy has some of the strictest isolation rules in Europe:

If you become infected while in the country, you must self-isolate for seven days if you have been fully vaccinated. Otherwise, the isolation period is ten days.

You should also be able to refer to a negative test after the end of isolation. If it is still positive, the isolation period can be up to 21 days.

Cyprus: You could be fined

In April, Cyprus opened its borders to tourists. In June, they removed the requirement for face masks. Just one month later, you will have to return to wearing a mask on public transport and indoors. This applies to everyone over the age of 12.

If you don’t use a face mask, you run the risk of being fined 300 euros.

Portugal: Tighter in Madeira than on the mainland

Last week, the face mask requirement was reintroduced on public transport and in health institutions, both in Portugal and in Madeira.

In Madeira, dressing requirements also apply at bus stops and terminals, for example at airports and ship terminals.

It was also introduced recommendation regarding face masks that do not allow social distancing, for example indoors.

LISBON: Must wear a face mask on public transport.

France: Dropping boundaries

Over the past week, about 900,000 cases of infection have been reported in France. Since early July, recommendations were introduced for face masks indoors and in large gatherings. Especially in public transport and where people gather.

National restrictions will not be reinstated. A spokeswoman for the French authorities, Olivia Gregoire, told the BFMTV channel on Wednesday last week.

“The French are tired of restrictions,” he said.

You may still want to investigate the rules and recommendations of the city you are visiting.

In holiday favorite Nice, bandage orders have been introduced for public transport.

PARIS: French authorities recommend bandages on public transport.

Norwegians can’t cancel vacation plans

Scandinavians don’t have to worry about traveling this summer, according to Allan Randrup Thomsen. He is professor of experimental virology at the University of Copenhagen.

– At the airport you are exposed to the highest level. If you’re driving yourself, you’re a little safer. But there’s no reason not to take a vacation, he says Danish media.

However, it is important to pack a face mask and follow the restrictions in the country you are in.

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