Now available Solowrestling Patreon 9: The WWE Party returns to the UK

Solowrestling already has a new podcast on Patreon. On this occasion, Sebastián Martínez brings you his analysis of the latest Monday Night Raw events and news of the WWE Premium Live Event in Cardiff, Wales, on September 3, 2022.

How do I subscribe to Patreon Solowrestling?

The main subscription tiers of the new Patreon Solowrestling are as follows:

LEVEL 1: MIDDLE CLASS CHAMPION (5€). weekly access to three new podcasts. At this level, users will be able to download three programs, two current affairs, and one of the “Gorilla Position“, where Pere Hernández will accompany Sebastián Martínez to give a more scathing touch to the hottest topic in the world of professional wrestling.

LEVEL2: HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION (€7). Weekly access to new podcast bonuses, presented by Sebastián Martínez, in which current issues will be touched upon and additional interviews and opinions will be added. In addition, once a month we will meet to answer questions from our customers.

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