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SUN AND WARM: Sunny weather will return in the next few days, and the sun is shining very well in southern Norway. Image of Sørenga in Oslo in 2019.

Summer weather is making a comeback across the country, and especially southern Norway which will experience its highest temperatures in the coming days, meteorologists say.

There are only a few days left in July, and the holidays together are coming to an end.

For all those who have to return to work on Monday after a vacation, you can look forward to a final weekend marked by excellent summer weather and high temperatures – especially if you live in southern Norway.

– There is high pressure building up in southern Norway, and summer weather has finally returned, state meteorologist Aslaug Skålevik Valved of the Meteorological Institute told NTB.

Starting Thursday, temperatures will rise, and a weekend marked by high temperatures of around 24 degrees is expected in the Oslo area. Saturday in particular stands out as the best day, according to Valved.

southern idyllic

Many associate Southern Norway with beautiful summers, and weekends will be able to live up to this expectation with temperatures around 20 degrees and sunshine.

– There could be some local fog in the evening through Friday and a little bit during the day, before the fog breaks, Valved said.

In recent days, cold air masses from the north have created an autumn atmosphere in parts of Western Norway. Now, however, there will be an end to this, and here too you will feel the summer heat.

SØRLANDET: It will be around 20 degrees and sunny in Sørlandet for the next few days. The image shows the harbor at Olavsundet in the municipality of Kristiansand.

– The weather will be great on Thursday and Friday, then it will be a little cloudy on Saturday. Low pressure from the west will cause rainfall from night to Sunday in Western Norway, meteorologists say.

In central Norway, the clouds will last a bit longer before the high pressure breaks the cloud cover on Friday, and it looks like it’s going to be a nice weekend here too. The temperature can be around 20 degrees. In Trndelag, there will be some clouds and rain on Sunday evening.

Summer weather is also in the north

While people in southern Norway apply sunscreen, northerners must apply patience.

The next few days will continue to be marked by some low temperatures and precipitation as a result of the low pressure that characterizes the country. The low pressure will dissipate into the Barents Sea on Thursday, but there will still be some thunderstorms, Valved explained.

GREAT WEATHER IN THE NORTH: It will take a little longer before northerners can enjoy the sun, but from Friday the weather will be warmer. Image from Telegrafbukta in Troms in June.

However, starting Friday, the temperature will rise, and on weekends you can also enjoy the summer weather in Northern Norway. Here, Saturday also stands out as the best day, and in Bod, for example, it can hit 19 degrees on a Saturday.

– Kirkenes may not have as good weather as Bodø and Troms, but there will be changes in cloud cover and solar periods, meteorologists say.

Low pressure in Finland could bring rainfall in the far north, and there could be a few drops especially in Finland on Saturday and Sunday, he said.

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