One of Mexico’s main challenges is inequality, says a British lawmaker

Jeremy Corbyn, a member of the British Parliament, said that Mexico It has a lot of challenges and one of the main ones, he said, is inequality, inequality that exists.

By attending the president’s press conference as a special guest Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, former leader Labor Party asserts that “morning” is a unique sport in the world.

At the National Palace, Jeremy Corbyn stated that during his visit to the state Chiapas Accompanied by his wife, Laura Ivarez from Mexico, he recognized the needs of the population, especially minors.

“It recognizes that Mexico has a lot of challenges and one of the main ones is inequality, inequality that exists. They spent a few days in the state of Chiapas and realized the great need there was, especially in the case of children; For him this is very serious because not taking care of children means neglecting the entire population in general.

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“The challenge facing the government, and it is something that is also positive, to dedicate resources to education, to health, is something that is very much appreciated because that is the best way to deal with it in the short term and the country’s challenges in the long term.”

Corbyn stressed that one of the issues that most attracted the attention of President López Obrador’s administration was its struggle to fight inequality.

He announced that after the morning he would speak with Mexico’s first president on issues such as the defense of human rights.
“Also, being interested in human rights issues, human rights defenders will be speaking with President López Obrador shortly about a meaningful challenge, not only for Mexico, but for the world as a whole.

“He said that there are 70 million refugees in the world and that is not a situation that should be accepted under such conditions. If you want a peaceful world, you must fulfill the demands of all those who wish to contribute to the betterment of the world as a whole,” he added.

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