Optimism in New Year’s messages from world leaders, focused on the pandemic

Ends 2021 and world leaders prepare for the current pandemic. Boris Johnson from the UK is celebrating the improvement in the health situation compared to the previous year, mainly thanks to his vaccine. And he credits his financial achievements.

“The year 2022 is almost here, and whatever challenges fate faces, and any anxiety we may have about the weeks and months ahead, especially about Omicron and the increase in hospital numbers, we can say one thing for sure: our position December 31st is much better than last yearsaid Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, the newly released German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has urged Germany to unite to defeat the coronavirus by 2022 and vowed to react “quickly and decisively” to its progress.

We want to get another 30 million vaccines by the end of JanuarySo let’s get ready for the Omicron variant. Let’s do everything together, absolutely everything, so that we can finally beat the coronavirus next year,” he stressed.

“We will bring the Olympics to the world”

Chinese President Xi Jinping has highlighted Hong Kong and Macau’s “prosperity and stability” and China’s “complete reunification” in his New Year’s address with a focus on the Olympics.

“In a little over a month the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics will start. The goal of the Olympic event is more people participate in winter sports. We will wholeheartedly bring the Olympics to the world.”

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