Outgoing ruling party wants to control Gabriel Boric Government in Chile with “shadow cabinet”

Francisco Chahuán

Two months after the change of command, senator and president of Renovación Nacional (RN), in opposition to Francisco Chahuán announced Monday that they would create a “shadow cabinet” to oversee Gabriel Boric’s new government, which will take office on March 11.

After the party’s political committee (RN) meeting with President Piñera, Chahuán emphasized that “the President feels a job well done in these four years.”

Especially, evaluate the work of the Constitutional Convention and legislators pointed out that “as the opposition, and in particular as the RN, we will wait for the text to take a position on the exit of the plebiscite”. Especially detail that they are promote a decalogue of principles – freedoms and rights – which must be contemplated in the fundamental charter to support the process.

After the meeting, Chahuán announced that hope to install in Chile figure Shadow cabinet. “Too we have launched the idea of ​​a shadow ministry, alternating for each minister appointed by President Boric when he took office”, said the legislator. It is estimated that on January 20 it will be announced who will be the new cabinet.

“We will have opposing sector and party leaders. To the Minister of Public Housing, one substitute; for Social Development, an alternative. So, in each of the ministries have adequate control, the possibility of generating deals and the search for proposals that will lure the Chileans,” added Chahuán.

It is hoped that the third week there was a meeting between the RN leadership and the Boric team, previously agreed with Izkia Siches to find out the work they were doing. And he confirmed that they, after the transfer of command, they will cease to be part of the ruling party, but they will strive to be the “fair opposition”.

“We will be in opposition from March 11, firm, but fair. An opposition that will seek agreement, politics must be re-validated as an instrument to serve the people, and it implies that we will open all spaces of dialogue to reach an agreement, thinking that Chile needs us to be able to resolve important issues,” he added.

What is a “shadow wardrobe”?

Man holding British and European Union flags outside the Palace of Westminster in London (REUTERS/Antonio Bronic)
Man holding British and European Union flags outside the Palace of Westminster in London (REUTERS/Antonio Bronic)

This idea born of the British political system: in the Palace of Westminster there is a figure of the “shadow cabinet”. It’s from the mid-19th century and it’s about a party that in opposition, it appoints a group of MPs to take over certain areas, reflecting the incumbent Executive. Also, every Wednesday Opposition leader questions prime minister, who in Chile’s case will be President.

This is still being done because in Great Britain there can be general elections without following a predetermined calendar, the opposition leader has the opportunity to give the impression that he has a cabinet ready if the nation goes to the polls.


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