Own goal saves Vlerenga: – Wear and tear

VALLE (VG) (Vålerenga – Jerv 1-0) Vålerenga stabbed and stabbed, but had to get help to get the win against Jerv.

CAN JOY FINALLY: The Vålerenga players cheer after the only goal of the game.

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– Of course we are always happy when you are down by three points, but it is way behind. This tough win was great, Vålerengas Henrik Bjørdal told VG after the match.

Almost ten minutes before the end, the long-awaited goal came for Vlerenga, but it was not the Vlerenga players who gave it.

Admittedly, substitute Taofeek Ismaheel had a good chance, but it was Jerv’s John Olav Norheim who finally sent the post past goalkeeper Jerv ystein vretveit and into the net.

– I’m happy we won, but we created too few good goal chances and we should have scored more goals when we had so much possession. It lacks precision a bit, and we made a slightly wrong choice. Things we’ve actually practiced a lot, but aren’t going right. So far it’s a goal, even if it’s an own goal, because there’s been a good breakthrough, Vålerenga coach Dag-Eilev Fagermo told VG.

Check out the deciding score here:

Poor man Jerv describes his goal as follows:

– They come dangerously around the edges and make it “chipped”. Then it feels like the only thing you can do is flop down, but I hit it too little. It’s certainly frustrating and tedious, at least when you look at the replay of ystein lying there and being able to take it, Norheim told VG.

– Difficult. “Jonna” has played a great match and has done all kinds of duels. He played a really good game today, and then he was a little unlucky when he had to block the post. “That’s probably how we have to lose today if we have to concede,” said vretveit.

NOT SATISFIED: Coach Jerv Arne Sandst.

Coach Jerv Arne Sandstø after the game was concerned about the situation that occurred just before class was played at the Intiility Arena. Jervs Aral Simsir came on to end the match. There the ball went past Vlerenga midfielder Brynjar Bjarnason and into the corner. Through the arms, Jerv’s camp thought.

– We were conned for a clear penalty kick, which we unfortunately didn’t get. It’s disappointing that the people around us weren’t great when we managed to produce and get onto the field and create danger, Sandstø believes.

– Overall, I think we produced more than enough to score one and two goals. When we were so inefficient it was hard to turn down Vålerenga, but we did it in an exemplary way. Unfortunately, we weren’t quite successful, says Sandst.

See the situation here:

In the first half, it was Vålerenga who controlled most of the game on the field, but his chances were far from great. Twice, though, the ball ended up in the net, but Vålerenga’s Vegar Eggen Hedenstad and Jerv’s Willis Furtado had to see the flag was offside.

Towards the end of the round, Petter Strand had a good chance, but Erik Tobias Sandberg’s header from 11 meters was saved by Erik Tobias Sandberg, so both teams had time to halftime with the position 0-0.

STANDING FOR A LONG TIME: Vlerengas Petter Strand came close to scoring late in the first half.

In the second half, Vålerenga started much better, but only in the last minute were the home fans able to cheer for the long-awaited goal.

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