Parlatino rejects decision on Venezuelan gold in UK

The president of the Venezuelan Parliamentary Group of the Latin American and Caribbean Parliament (GPVPL), ngel Luis Rodríguez Gamboa, expressed his complete rejection of the London High Court’s decision to keep Venezuelan gold held in the Bank of England in exile.

He urged the Latino-Caribbean community to express their discomfort and rejection of what could be described as “colonial piracy with a new-style corsair.”

In the opinion of MPs, the opinion of the High Court of London, the intent was to seize the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’s assets as important as gold.

“Venezuelan assets held in British banks continue to belong to Venezuela. We support the steps taken by the Central Bank of Venezuela to restore our wealth and we are confident that Justice will prevail,” said Rodríguez.

He pointed out that it was “huge nonsense” to acknowledge the extremist and radical opponents who have done so much damage in Venezuela. “The opposition destroys everything it touches, the proof of which is Citgo and the destruction of the Colombo company Venezolana Monomeros.”

Airplane detained in Argentina

The deputy also ngel Rodríguez also questioned the situation faced by the Emtrasur aircraft, a subsidiary of Conviasa, and its crew, who were arbitrarily detained in Argentina, AVN review

“It looks like a compromise by the extremist sectors to influence Venezuela, because there is no legal justification for keeping this Venezuelan plane on Argentine soil,” said Rodríguez.

He stated that the action against the Emtrasur aircraft was an unreasonable decision on the part of Argentina, which also violated international civil aviation regulations and aeronautical law.

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