“Pets help disconnect from technology, especially children”

Francisco León has been practicing as a veterinarian for 27 years, which has given him experience in the diagnosis, treatment and management of his clients, this is what sets León Veterinary Clinic apart.

In this experience he tells us he has worked for many years in the UK and that is what defines his business: “In the UK they are one step ahead in pet care; working there has given me a slightly more advanced vision of what is now being done in Spain in terms of diagnosis, care and treatment of pets and that is what defines my clinic”.

In these 27 years, she has seen how our relationship with pets has evolved and how it has impacted veterinary medicine. Paco Leon explains: “Pets have been considered a part of the family, like a son or a brother, and veterinary medicine has become a level of human medicine, with all kinds of treatments, diagnostic tests, surgeries… Now you can diagnose tumors, cataracts, spinal cord problems… and treat them to prolong the life of the animal”.

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Mentoring and responsibility

Leon explained that “Pets have a beneficial effect on those who are with them. In parents they prevent them from isolating themselves, they make them move, they exercise by walking to get them out on the street and they also socialize. In children, they learn responsibility. An animal teaches you to play in a different way and helps you disconnect from technology. A pet needs daily care and affection and learns that responsibility towards children is very good.”.

In addition, pets also help mental health: “An animal motivates you, wakes you up, makes you interact with it and it also helps you interact with other people, it accompanies you… It helps you with mental health”and that is something that is very important right now.

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