PlayStation removes PS Now cards ahead of the possible arrival of its own Game Pass

Are we getting closer to that PlayStation Game Pass-style service? It’s been rumored that Sony will be preparing this new library of games with a view to launching them in the spring of 2022, and it looks like the company may already be taking the first steps. Stores in the UK have said they have started removing physical PlayStation Now cards, which seems to lend more credence to rumors that the company intends to merge its game streaming service with PS Plus.

PS Now cards are starting to be pulled from stores in the UK

The news spiked after an internal email from GAME UK indicated the following: “Store has until closing Wednesday 19 January until remove all POS and ESD cards from all customer facing areas, and update their digital space according to the next business update this week…” Already VentureBeat who have echoed this message.

In this way, GAME’s email indicates that UK retailers must remove all PS Now cards from store shelves before January 21’s arrival. It looks like this will be Sony’s first step towards welcoming its new service. From VGC They have contacted the company about it, but the company has not disclosed any further information.

New Game Pass codenamed Spartacus

From Bloomberg echoed the documents they had access to, where it was noted that the new service was christened with a code name Spartacus. People say so combines PS Plus and PS Now services, thus eliminating the latter brand (which would be associated with withdrawing the card from the store). It is expected to hit the PS5 and PS4 this spring, offering three subscription models.

  • The first subscription tier will offer PS Plus benefits: free monthly online gaming and multiplayer.
  • The second level will allow access to the Game Pass-style game catalog (although no first-party games will be offered at launch).
  • The third level adds to all of these demos, game streaming, and a library of classic PlayStation games.

This will be PlayStation’s response to Microsoft’s dominance in game streaming and subscriptions, after the Redmond company achieved great success with its Xbox Game Pass service.

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