Polestar offers digital connectivity for its cars with Android R OTA software update

Polestar brings digital connectivity to its cars with software update P2.0 bringing Android R and future potential enhancements to Polestar 2

Over 90% of Polestar 2 owners regularly install remote software updates. Polestar continues to bring evolving digital car connectivity to Polestar 2 owners with the latest updates including Android R for the Android Automotive OS infotainment system. The latest software update also offers potential future enhancements to the app and functionality, and will roll out to owners gradually starting in early April 2022.

The P2.0 software update is the latest in an ongoing series of Over-the-Air (OTA) software releases. Software upgrades are downloaded and installed remotely, allowing Polestar to leverage digital connectivity to accelerate the integration of new features, performance and customizations for Polestar 2 owners.

Since the release of remote updates for Polestar 2, there have been 10 major OTA releases totaling nearly 100 upgrades, which represents an average of one major OTA release every seven weeks.

Examples of recent improvements delivered via the OTA update include streaming optimization, the ability to schedule preferred charging times, Polestar Digital Key improvements, an eco-friendly weather mode to increase real-world coverage, and battery optimization with preconditions, among others.

Polestar 2 subscribers reap the benefits and convenience of OTA updates, with over 90% of all Polestar 2 owners installing the update.

Polestar offers digital connectivity for its cars with Android R OTA software update

“Our approach to software technology in our cars is that it should be no different from how the latest software is launched on smartphones and computers in everyday life,” said Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath. “With OTA updates, our customers receive constant improvements and can choose when to install the latest updates, without having to go to a repair shop. We are very encouraged by the positive response, as seen in the exponential growth in the number of OTA installs, and will continue to deliver continuous improvements.”

In another first OTA for Polestar, the Performance Software Update for the eligible Polestar 2 Long Range Dual Power Car is available for purchase in select markets from November 2021. The Performance Software Update brings a sharper driving experience as well as increased horsepower and torque. Power from the twin motor drive system is increased to 350 kW and 680 Nm, the sprint time from 0 to 100 km/h is reduced to 4.4 seconds and overall response is sharpened.

Looking to 2022, Polestar aims to build on positive customer feedback by increasing the introduction of more apps, starting with the Journey Log app launched in February 2022. This app allows Polestar 2 drivers to export trip logs, Useful for those who need to claim expenses travel at work. The Journey Log app is currently available in the UK, US, Canada, Sweden and Australia and will continue to roll out gradually in all markets where the Google Play Store is available.

The infotainment feature set has also been released for Polestar 2 in 2021. Of these, Vivaldi Browser, Video Player, and A Better Routeplanner are the most popular among customers, with over 12,000 downloads each by the end of 2021. March 2022 Polestar will also continue to leverage collaboration with partners and developers using Android. automotive OS.

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As such, Polestar is offering digital connectivity for its cars with the P2.0 software update bringing Android R and the potential for an even better future to Polestar 2.

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